Easter & A Birthday All In One!

So my Aunt's birthday was last week and she wanted to celebrate today at the same time as Easter so I mixed the 2 cakes together. The "L" is for Lynn which is her name, the "Happy Birthday" is obviously for her, and the "Happy Easter" & bunny is for Easter of course. The flavor of the cake was also done for my Aunt as it was "Caramel Machiatto", her favorite Starbucks coffee. Espresso cake with a caramel filling and caramel buttercream. Everything is MMF! This is my first time doing a quilt pattern and I'm not thrilled with the turn out but that's ok. I did like 7 cakes in the past 10 days or something which I am not used to doing so I was SOOO wiped out last night, I just didn't care that it didn't look perfect. lol! Thank you to whoever uploaded the little bunny yesterday, he was my inspiration for my bunny. :)


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