Happy Boo-Day Cake

My significant other's b-day is Oct. 30 and mine is Nov. 6, so we had a Halloween/birthday party. This is the Happy Boo-day Cake I made for us. It was my first time making and working with fondant, and wow, did I make a lot of mistakes (but learned even more). First of all, I used the wrong kind of cake for this type of cake design. I used two Bundt cakes to make the shape. The bottom cake was made of devil's food, which fell apart into big chunks instantly when burdened with the weight of the marble cake on top. I was forced to "glue" it back together with liberal amounts of buttercream, then reinforce it with plastic drinking straws. I then placed the top Bundt cake on a cardboard platform on top of the drinking straws, tiered-cake-style. Secondly, never having used fondant before, I made it too hard and dry (I didn't know what the proper consistency should have been). I now know also that fondant will not dry stiff enough to make a bow. I also did not plan enough drying time for the loops in the bow either, so the bow turned out a mess. I also tried two different fondant recipes and found that MMF was much easier to make than the other more traditional fondant recipe. I think I'll be making this cake again with some changes next halloween. I think it'll be cleaner without a bow (even a well made bow), and instead of piping the spiderweb, I would paint it on. I've included a picture of the cake before the bow and spiderwebs were added, and I think it looked cleaner then. The good news was that the cake actually tasted really good and it was completely gobbled up that night. Of course, this being my first attempt at a fondant covered cake, I immediately wanted to try to make another one...which I did! I made myself another birthday cake (happy birthday to me! LOL) using pound cake the following week and had friends over for another birthday party! I will post pictures of the second cake separately...


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