Snowman on Cake Central

This was a snowman cake I did... Overall, I'm pleased with it, but it was kind of rushed and there were details that I would have liked to put in.. The body I didn't want to be perfectly round and straight... I wanted for the edges to be rounded and for it to look lumpy, as if it were actually made from snow! I'm very satisfied with the hat, but the scarf I think looks like crap.. lol.. I wanted to do a design on the scarf and also do tassles at the ends for a more complete look. But I was pressed for time and had to make due... Fortunately this was done for a family member and it was a gift.. So if it's not perfect, no big whoop!

And yes, I'm aware of the sweating cake board.. this picture was taken before he waw placed on the decorative board I made.. It was a board covered in red wrapping paper, then contact paper... then I put down some buttecream and I sprinkled coconut shavings all over the board around the snowman so it looked like snow. I REALLY should've waited to take the picture!


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