Never Again...

Never Again... on Cake Central

Our church was having a "Ladies Night Out" dinner. I thought "How cute would it be to do teacup mini cakes?"...I started on the decorations a week in advance, to give myself plenty of time. I made the MMF the night before. The day of, I started cooking the cakes around 8am. When it was time to start filling and icing the cakes for fondant, the icing WOULD NOT stay on the cakes! Out of 48 mini cakes that I made, I was only able to fondant 12 of them, and that was a disaster as well, cause the fondant kept tearing at the bottom! Needless to say, at 5:40, I called my Mom (we were riding together), and said I wasn't bringing anything. I did put one together with some decorations, just to see what it might of looked like, and I cringed. Needless to say, I will not be making mini cakes again. One set was french vanilla cake with cappuccino icing. The other was dark chocolate fudge cake with mocha icing.


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