Pool Beach Cake Family Reunion

Here is a beach/pool cake I did for a family reunion. The name means "from a pool" so that's why I wanted a pool cake and the reunion was held at a state park with a beach and swimming area so I wanted a beach. It took me about two weeks, here and there, to make all the pieces. I would make them when I had time and made things as I thought of them. This is my first attempt at anything like this. This is the first time I have tried to make people or used fondant to make pieces. I didn't try to make the people real looking. I wanted them to be funny or comical. I know this is a "busy" cake with a lot of stuff, but that's how I wanted it. It was so much fun to make. It was also a blast to see the kids reaction to it and watching them as they decided what pieces they wanted to eat. My 3 year old grand daughter had to have the kid doing the cannonball, while another wanted the boy with the beach ball over his head. I took many, many pictures of this cake and all parts of it. I don't know how many I can post. I will try and do as many as I can so you can see all parts of it and close ups. My favorites are the picnic table and all the teeny tiny foods and the cannonball kid. I would like to thank everyone that I saw cakes of where I got ideas. I took a few different ideas I saw from several other cakes and combined them to come up with this. This cake was time consuming, but so much fun! You really should do one. Thanks so much for looking. I appreciate any comments, good or bad.


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