Beaded Trim And Bling Cake

Nerve-wracking cake? Oh YES! This baby stood an enormous 43" tall! I'm 6 feet tall and I had to strain myself to get the top tier on all the way up there.

The bride's stipulations were that it be sparkly and would have "bling" to it when the lights were low and the candles were lit around it. When I researched the crystal ribbon, I couldn't find anything remotely similar for a reasonable price online. Most out there were $30-$90 per yard....and I needed 6 yards of it! Yikes. Went to my local fabric store and found this clear beaded one (intended for curtains or pillows or something?) for a much more reasonable price. I think it worked pretty well. Found some deep purple sequined ribbon for around each tier too, which matched her colours. She provided the excellent deep purple/green monogram topper from Toppers With Glitz.

Cakes were 6"/8"/10"/12" in Tahitian Vanilla and Red Velvet alternating tiers.


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