3D Giraffe

Grass: 16X2 round Feet/Knobbies (on head): rice crispy treats covered with b/c & fondant Legs: small doll pan cut in half Body: three layers from 10X3 pan plus reg. doll pan on top of rounds Head: ball pan carved Ears: gum paste & fondant mixed - I used skewers to help hold them in place, also cut small holes in the fondant on the head to in set (same with the "knobbies") Tail: use fondant to make a tail and add brown "strings" for the hair at the end. About the middle of the stacked cakes I used a board and dowels. I now used bubble tea straws, they are much better support if you have them. If not, the dowels worked great. Use small dowels or even skewers to attach the legs (not straws). Cut the arms and legs until you can get them to "fit" around the body to attach easier. The head is the Wilton ball pan (2 - 1/2 balls), top part of ball is carved. It is also on a board. Be sure to use a larger dowel through the center of the entire cake for more support. I like to use foam core board on the bottom cake so a dowel will go through to help with securing it.

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What sort of cake are you making for the belly? A maderia cake? 

Is it just the Rice Krispies with marshmallows for the head and feet then cover them in buttercream? How many days will it keep?


Just the knobs by the ears were rkt (I think) it's been a very long time.  I tried to explain everything the best I could in the description. Good luck.