Cheeseburger on Cake Central

Not for a wedding--just a church function. Yellow cake buns with chocolate cake burger. Cheese is fondant. Mustard, ketchup and lettuce is frosting. The olive is a "Caramel Apple Sugar Baby" with two dots of red frosting on the sides. The toothpick is real. Sesame seeds are frosting.

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Great job. Are these cup cakes but in half to look like buns? These would be great for Vacation Bible school. :D


For those who asked: The buns are yellow cupcakes, filled only half way in the tin so that the top doesn't get wider than the bottom. I split those in half horizontally when they were done. I baked a 1/2 sheet pan of chocolate cake and cut the burgers out with a cookie cutter. They were too thick, so I actually cut them in half horizontally, too. The cheese is made of orange fondant. I piped the lettuce, ketchup and mustard on the cheese and let some of it show through the cupcake, not covering up...