No Fail Sugar Cookies With Alice's Cookie Icing

No Fail Sugar Cookies With Alice's Cookie Icing on Cake Central

for a 10 yr old girl's b'day party. First time I've used Alice's cookie icing recipe. The taste and texture were out of this world. Delicious and so easy to pipe. BUT, even after 24 hours of drying, the icing still was not firm enough to stack the cookies. I bagged the cookies loosely & tied with a ribbon but had to be careful not to smoosh the icing. Has anyone else used this recipe to ice their cookies? Curious to know your experience.

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Pretty cookies! I'm guessing the 10-year-old loved them! Can't help with the icing question, but there are lots of decorator's who use it.


I love your cookies. They look really fun. I can't help with your icing question either, but if you don't get the answer here, post it in the forum. I'm sure someone could help there.


I use a modified version. I really cut down on the butter that it calls for, only using 1-2 tbspn per batch. It tastes much better than straight royal and will also harden enough to bad. Fun cookies, btw!