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Just wanted to practice and see what I came up with. Overall, I'm happy with it except for the worms slithering around the bottom tier and it seems too busy. Critique Sub-Group: Please give me your honest opinions to make this better. I want to learn. TFL

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I think it is very nice. I do agree about the squiggles. I would just repeat everything you have done and leave the botton without the squiggles. Maybe put the bronze pearls randomly if you want to fill in. Other than that I think you did a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. :wink:


Thanks sweet stuff for you opinion. I posted on the forums and had many lookers but no comments. Must be really bad :cry:


Not at all! It's a really unusual cake. The copper is very different, and the flowers on top are sort of architectural. They remind me of some succulents or cacti I've seen. I think the dark colors and metallic edges are really striking.