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This proves to me that Wilton servings are wrong for party sizes! I got 55 servings on this one! I am glad I decided to draw on the back of the pan with dry erase! This really works! Thanks for looking! Hope this helps someone!

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I never go by Wilton but don't forget, the cake is not actually as big as the back of a pan., The cake shrinks and also, I don't know if you do or not, but I always trim the edges off.


Thanks for the info cakequeen! I have never trimmed the edges!! That's very interesting! I just don't want to make a mess and my eye to cut things is not soo good. Also, I have never thought about the cake shrinking! How much does it shrink??


Thanks so much for sharing... Whenever I use the wilton pans, I divide it in half. For example, if I get an order for 30 people, I use the Wilton pan that "serves 60".