Pastry Class Final Wedding Cake

Pastry Class Final Wedding Cake on Cake Central

My final cake project from pastry school. My first ever putting fondant on a cake, making flowers and trying to pipe. I didn't have time to finish piping the top tier. I guess not too bad for a first timer, but now I know a little better from the error of my ways.

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I think it is beautiful. I love the roses. They are awesome. I just hope that I can make them that good when I go through my fondant class here in a few weeks. lol... The whole cake is just great. Be proud...


Thanks sweettreatsbtg and KathleenR, you are too kind. I think they look ok, but my instructor kept giving me the I don't know look, so I became really self-concious about them. But now I realize why she was looking like that, because the I kept spreading the petals too much and they were rather thick. Sweettreats, you'll do great after a few tries. Get the gum paste very thin, that's the trick. I just learned that.