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These were for a company Christmas party. Who knew you could cook in a take out box, but I did an it works. Egg nog cake with buttercream noodles and coconut for rice, fondant cookie and choc. sticks for chop sticks! This was fun everyone wanted to take home there cake because it was so fun to look at,lucky for me I sent over extras so everyone got to eat one and a few took some home!

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Great job! How do you cook a cake in these boxes? Aren't the boxes paper? Also, did you see the Ace of Cakes episode where they made a big take-out box cake?


Thanks a bunch everyone! It's been awhile sonce a posted a photo. So I bought a pack of the boxes at smart and final an thought why not try to cook them it in th ebox it's self. So I did, no need to coat the inside with anything and put the oven on 350. Some of the boxes that got extra batter on them I threw out an just put the cake into a clean box. It was so simple an quick which is what I needed that week. I did see Ace of cake but I had to make 45 of these so I did not have time to make each box!