Pulled Sugar Rose

Pulled Sugar Rose on Cake Central

I have been having so much fun making pulled sugar flowers. I duplicated a picture I found online. I will add more details to the design later. For now, pictured is the red rose, green pulled sugar leaves and a brown branch to hold it in place

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8O gorgeausss beautiful i also like to know how u did that plsss pm just like tasha said did i say pleaseeee pm thank you for sharing with us :D :wink:


Ok how about I post a how to here: I used isomalt sugar. pls use gloves sugar is extremely hot. I checked out some articles found on the web. I also took a very short class to learn a few basics. Sugar heated to 360 Degrees. Cooled and poured onto silpat mat under heat lamp. Powdered color RED added for rose. Maybe 1/8 tsp? Sugar kneaded when it reaches plyable stage. Sugar pulled 5+ times to make shiny. Then thined out by pressing. Thum put on thin part and pulled with opposite hand down and away.


.. to make petal. Repeat and assable like you would for a gumpaste rose. A smal oil lamp with denatured alcohol will be needed to heat pieces to stick them together if sugar cools too quickly. I hope that helps all of you. I am in the middle of making a video of it with complete directions start to finish also showing how to make pulled sugar bows and bubbles. Let me know if you are interested in that or have any other questions. For those in WA State, I will be teaching a class on this in February!