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This is the 1st of 2 pics of my first try at ornament cupcakes. I made 6 regular, 12 mini. These are regular size cupcakes using the mini half ball and marshmallow fondant, and took all day to decorate and paint. I hope you like them. Thank you for looking.

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Thank you. The tops and hangers are fondant. The tops are small cirlcles that I shaped around the bottom of a glitter shaker (only thing I could find the right size) and poked a hole with a tooth pick, and the hanger is a piece rolled out and looped.


My graduation ornament are made entirely of tea and silver and I do not allow anything on my tree that is not that color. But I wish I wasn't so psychological and could have a tree. Getting ready for a more meaningful Christmas like you do is one of my favorite things, and a big part of it is because of the emotional value of my Christmas ornaments! Some of them I get only because they are beautiful, but most of them I get for a special reason.


I have thoroughly checked your other posts. You work really hard and save a lot of time giving us ideas. It really makes Christmas more special for my kids this year. My kids love it and tell me they decorate our house with the same Christmas tree. It really makes Christmas more special for my kids this year. Thanks and I will share pictures of the Christmas tree in my house soon.
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