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Bottom cake vanilla with strawberry filling and top is vanilla with ganache filling. EVERYTHING went wrong with this cake! Bulged, filling running out due to icing to soft, Cakes are crocked, icing outside too hard so fondant didn't want to stick to it! Don't know why latetly icing IS NOT cooperating with me! But....the couple is my very first time doing just by looking at pic. Someone, tell what is wrong with my icing..what Am I doing wrong? BE HONEST-DONT SAVE WORDS!

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FORGOT TO SAY....this cake was to celebrate 1 year married (that's why the yellow colour). He is a pastor at a church (she is too!) and there is a little book (bilbe beside them) with verses for him and her. The person that ordered the cake really like it and did not notice the bulging and crockness**** ! LOL