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-K8memphis Posted 8 Jan 2023 , 8:16pm
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so there’s a concern about almost all the food colorings especially reds especially in my family —

but I am reading an article in “the epoch times” that says titanium dioxide is linked to colon cancer —

no bueno — I mean it’s in tooth paste — it’s in many many food stuffs — so all that to say think twice before using it, cake friends —

The article, published in the journal Toxicology in August 2022, “Food Grade Titanium Dioxide Accumulation Leads to Cellular Alterations in Colon Cells After Removal of a 24-Hour Exposure,” examines the effects of titanium dioxide on cells.”

What do you think?

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-K8memphis Posted 8 Jan 2023 , 8:32pm
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wait — I mean I don’t even understand that quote — but that is the reference and in plain English titanium dioxide can lead to colon cancer — as if the scientific name alone didn’t preempt it from any kind of wholesome goodness — kwim

The Mexican researchers found that so-called food-grade titanium dioxide, which is used as an additive in everything from candy to sunscreen, accumulated in colon cells, causing what may be permanent damage.

Using electron microscopy, the researchers identified the presence of food-grade titanium dioxide (TiO2) in a human colon cancer cell line that they maintained in a cell culture medium.”

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ReginaCoeliB Posted 9 Jan 2023 , 2:48pm
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Hey Boss! Happy new year!

Surely, the article is a matter of deep concern. Titanium dioxide is pretty much everywhere. Just for you to consider, titanium dioxide is a common ingredient, for example, in mostly every pill you take...that give them that lovely white pill color we all enjoy. Isn't that weird, you are taking the remedy and the poison at the same time!

Now, there is a certain trend now, that is making us realize what is behind the food we have been eating and considering safe for ages... Did you get the info of dark chocolate? Well, it has been contaminated with cadmium and lead for who knows how long, only now, that someone took the tedious task to run some test we are informed for it. If more people star running those tests, we will realize the level of poison and contaminants in our food, drinks, air we breathe and even every single object surrounding us... That is terrifying! To your list add, radiation, forever chemicals, nitrites, new bacteria and viruses... and even our noble and beloved sugar!

Now, what can we do about it?... very little, be conscious about our surroundings and try to avoid the things we know are serious... Nothing is fully safe to eat or drink I assure you, most of the soil (hence water and air) in the world has endure years and years of contamination from every possible source, not only human factors.

As for the titanium dioxide, I know is a big concern in Europe and they are working on a replacement...Who knows how long is going to take and if a suitable replacement is going to be found any time soon.

Just try to reduce the risk factors under your control, like smoking, exercise, good sleep, good mental health, a spiritual life, amount of food you eat, social balance in your life, etc.

Thanks for passing the info, it is great to be able to discuss more than fondant and cupcakes decor!

.... And sure, forget about the squeeze of white food coloring to get a snow-white frosting for your cousin's wedding cake!

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Jan 2023 , 2:34am
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happy new year, reggie!

very good information, thank you! but yes, my point is to consider that we might want to avoid adding titanium dioxide to our products as decorators —

yes there’s an allowable amount of rat poo in our peanuts — all that good stuff — crazy as always —

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ReginaCoeliB Posted 10 Jan 2023 , 4:48pm
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"Allowable" amount of...rat poooo.....???? Aaaarghhh! 

And I'm here worrying about lead on dark chocolate! ...Remain calm and keep praying!

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Jan 2023 , 6:16pm
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yeah -- scary world -- it is miniscule amount of course but... wah wah

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jchuck Posted 14 Jan 2023 , 6:14pm
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Happy 2023 ladies. I’ve had lots of trouble with CC. Type, and the screen flashes, and takes forever to accept what I typed. I was in the process of typing…bam…CC bumped me out!! So what I’m doing now,mis type in my notes, then copy and paste.

I never use titanium dioxide in my icing. Never understood the obsession with “white” icing. If you’re colouring, doesn’t make any difference. If you beat your butter on low, for quite a bit, the butter turns quite white. Problem is, once you add pure vanilla extract, it turns your icing ivory. So if I wanted white icing, I’d add an emulsion. Like Lor Ann’s butter flavour, princess cupcake, or something like that.

As for eating. We eat as organic as we can. No guarantees with that either. Since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in July, I’ve changed what I eat considerably. I’ve lost a good amount of weight. Which I needed to do. Too much baking and eating it!! Only another 15 lbs and I will be at my ideal weight. Hopefully that will be by the beginning of summer. My blood sugar numbers weren’t great at the last doc appointment. Doc was disappointed considering how much weight I lost. So I’ve now started adding cardio, walking etc, 3 x’s a week to my daily pilates. Doc says cardio helps bring down insulin resistance. I can just only do my best.

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-K8memphis Posted 17 Jan 2023 , 12:16am
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yes — staying pointed in the direction of good health is a great thing to do anytime but especially when we get a “diagnosis” — sorry about that diabetes! but the good news is, you have that answer, you know what you got and you are making great strides for yourself — 

don’t get discouraged about slower test results — it’s taken years for you to get this way — give yourself time to heal and level out — takes time

best best best to you!

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