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-K8memphis Posted 11 May 2022 , 11:15am
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hey -- so over the years here I have been 'followed' by a number of people -- 'being followed' of course is a nice thing where some folks want to be aware of when you post something -- it actually  sounds a little sinister if you're not social media savvy -- but I am writing to you folks particularly and everyone else too --

so speaking of not being savvy on social media -- I am back on Facebook and I am going to get on the other places, all the twittering, tokagrams pinned to the rest -- huge learning curve for vintage brain cells and actually I am starting a you tube channel which will become a business as it grows -- I can still talk! ha! and I got something to say that will help people --

#k8memphis will be one of the hashtags, toktags, gramtags, pinthe tail on the donktag whatever it all means  -- so if you want to you can look me up that way -- I want to get a few videos in the pipeline before posting the first one -- y'know and just release them at least one a week -- shooting for two but we'll see --

the course I am taking says to be very specific about your niche and videos --my channel is about how to LIVE with chronic pain -- and the first video is about how to open bottles with low grip strength -- I'm a 30 year veteran of this war and the emphasis is on LIVING -- how to do and how to think -- I can give a hands up --

sometimes I can't get on here and I panic a little inside thinking I won't get to 'see' anyone here anymore but esp reggie cause you're not on facebook -- but I truly and  completely understand and respect that -- but there's a fb group called "keep calm and cake on" and anyone who wants to can join to find some of us there too -- and you gotta see sandra's pastels! you think they're photographs! but I digress...

so I've talked too long -- but I'll keep y'all posted when I launch -- I know my first video might not sound too appealing but it's very short and you either might learn something or you might know someone who needs to learn more stuff about how to LIVE with pain -- emphasis on LIVING, encouragement of course, retaining dignity --


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littlejewel Posted 6 days ago
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good to hear from you.  Get on all the social media outlet, you go girl. I'm sure your channel will be helpful to many 

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-K8memphis Posted 6 days ago
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thank you, littlejewel! you're so sweet ~


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ReginaCoeliB Posted 6 days ago
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Boss, you know you have my prayers... they will reach you wherever you are. You are the only reason why I'm still checking this page once in a while. I would love to watch your videos and learn from someone as loving and caring as you are... on how to live with pain...I love the part with emphasis in LIVING! That is the reason we are in this life, to live it, to overcome every obstacle, as painful as it could be... to fight the good fight!

Hooray for you my friend, get out of the closet, and show the world out there that there is someone willing to help others to make life with chronic pain a life worth living. May your message reach out to those in desperate need any piece of a dignified advice and encouragement.

I will always be here for you, and when this page is gone, my email is on every picture I posted here. Please keep me updated!

Love you Boss, and thanks for these lines, once again you made my day!


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ReginaCoeliB Posted 6 days ago
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“Pain and suffering have come into your life, but remember pain, sorrow, suffering are but the kiss of Jesus - a sign that you have come so close to Him that He can kiss you.”

― Mother Teresa

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-K8memphis Posted 5 days ago
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oh gosh reggie, that's one of the sweetest letters i've ever received in my life -- i went & got your email address!!! YAY!!! i wrote it in several places too --

i am starting off much slower than they recommend in the course i am taking to learn all this stuff -- filling my pipeline so i can just publish from my stockpile -- so i will let you know in a couple weeks -- great quote from mt ~

thank you!


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