Crumb Boss Gretchen Price Original Crumb Bun Recipe

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icer101 Posted 24 Jan 2022 , 6:41am
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Hi everyone does anyone here have Gretchen price (crumb boss) original crumb bun recipe not her vegan one? 

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kakeladi Posted 25 Jan 2022 , 7:41am
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So sorry  I have never heard of it.  

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jchuck Posted 25 Jan 2022 , 12:55pm
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Unfortunately, I do believe Gretchen removed most if not all of her original recipes. Her blog use to have them all, but no more. I’m in several cake decorating groups on fb, and I’ve seen several members ask for her original smbc recipe, amongst others. Once Gretchen switched to vegan recipes, it seems she decided, for whatever reason, to eliminate all her previous recipes. Found that very strange. 

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jchuck Posted 25 Jan 2022 , 1:03pm
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I did find this on YouTube from America’s Test Kitchen. 


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jchuck Posted 25 Jan 2022 , 1:15pm
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Ok, this might interest you. Gretchen posted a video on YouTube about a year ago explaining why she removed all her original recipes. And why she is now vegan. You may want to watch, or may not…but here is the link. 


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littlejewel Posted 25 Jan 2022 , 4:25pm
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it's because vegans act like being vegan is a religion.  If she really did lose her recipes and is able to retrieve them from the hard drive at some time in the future, I can't see why she would bother to post them. I did print many of her recipes, but I can't find them when we move to our new house. 

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jchuck Posted 26 Jan 2022 , 10:24pm
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Not sure you watched Gretchen’s video all the way through. I think you were being rather harsh. Gretchen did state emphatically that she wasn’t forcing her vegan views on anyone. That it’s a personal choice. You can’t really force someone to be/become vegan. I certainly don’t think she is militant about it. Not like some I’ve known. And as for her recipes, Gretchen did say she wasn’t techy, and didn’t know anything about the “cloud”. She never uploaded anything….videos, recipes to the cloud. So she doesn’t even have her own original recipes. And the cost to keep her YouTube channel going  was exorbitant. She was actually losing money, not making money. And in the end, anyones recipes, idea’s cake designs are yours to do with however you please. You can share, or not share. Trust me, I’ve known many, many bakers/decorators…ordinary folk, hobby and professional’s who absolutely wouldn’t share a single thing. I remember a small intimate wedding I attended. Bride was a good friend and work colleague. Brides Mom made these wonderful tarts for the reception dessert. I complimented her on how good they were, and asked if she could possibly share her recipe. Omg, you would have thought I was asking for some top secret invention!!! She was sooooo rude to me. Went off like a piece of dynamite. Suffice to say, I didn’t get the recipe. Alll she had to say, politely, is I don’t share my recipes. Heck, she wouldn’t even give her daughter in law, my friend, the recipe!! 

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-K8memphis Posted 27 Jan 2022 , 3:26am
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me, I think it’s all in how you read littlejewel’s reply — I actually agree that some vegans are kind of obsessive with it — some do have a “I want to convert the world” philosophy —

I didn’t  know of gretchen until this post or the previous one —I think there might have been a previous request too — and I did not watch any of the video — it seems pretty cool for gretchen that people are wanting her legacy recipes — hope we find them somewhere—

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jchuck Posted 27 Jan 2022 , 2:38pm
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Well K8memphis/Kate

I did have her smbc recipe years and years ago. Can’t even remember where I found it, or if someone shared it with me. Alas, recipe is nowhere to be found. I either discarded, or misplaced. I do tho remember that Gretchen’s smbc recipe wasn’t anything outstanding or much different from a lot of other smbc recipes I’ve tried. As for her other cake/icing etc recipes, I never was a follower. Either her blog nor YouTube. So like you, I have absolutely no idea about her recipes. I understand deleting her recipes as Gretchen felt she was promoting a bad industry. She could have offered to sell her old recipes in a download, but again, would have meant promoting meat/dairy.   Personally, there are humane ways to use dairy and meat. Especially eggs. We get ours at our local market from a farmer who does strictly cage free. And we don’t drink milk. I’ve never been fond of milk, funny because my Dad was a milkman!! We drink oat/almond milk. But we do love cheese. I think it’s a good idea to limit meat in the diet, better for the environment, better for your health. That’s a personal opinion.  It’s not necessary to consume meat everyday like in the 1950’s. And I do agree with littlejewel there are a lot of outspoken vegans. My daughter was one of them. Always in our face about it. Daughter isn’t vegan now. It’s actually pretty hard to be a diehard vegan, especially the kind with no eggs, because you get pretty tired of beans as protein. I have a really good friend who got seriously, seriously ill from being on a strict vegan diet. For a couple of years her body couldn’t even tolerate any kind of beans, which had been her total source of protein. Now she consumes eggs, fish and very small limited amounts organic raised chicken. Still no beef, or cheese. 

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icer101 Posted 27 Jan 2022 , 9:24pm
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Thanks everyone for replying! I do have her SMBC and like it , I will keep looking for her original crumb bun recipe 

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jchuck Posted 28 Jan 2022 , 2:43pm
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The only way you will ever get this particular recipe, is if someone actually saved it. And of course was willing to pass it on. If you belong to any cake decorating fb pages, you can ask there too. Hopefully some baker has saved some of Gretchen’s recipes. You might check out her new vegan blog too. If the recipe is there, it should be adaptable back to a regular recipe. 

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jchuck Posted 28 Jan 2022 , 2:51pm
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Ok icer101

Found Gretchen’s vegan coffee cake recipe, which looks exactly like Gretchen’s originally recipe. And all you have to do is add eggs and dairy, and wa la….you have the crumb bun cake recipe. ❤️

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jchuck Posted 28 Jan 2022 , 2:52pm
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littlejewel Posted 4 Feb 2022 , 5:39pm
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Jchuck I watch the entire video when she first uploaded it. I still follow Gretchen. K8 memphis post about my reply is exactly what I meant 

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