Decorating Tips For Edible Raffia And This Buttercream Technique..

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chudimac11 Posted 19 Nov 2021 , 2:06pm
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Pumpkin Raffia Cake

I want to make a cake similar to the one above, a few questions..

1. Should I make the raffia with wafer paper or fondant? Thoughts on getting that perfect tan color with wafer paper?

2. For the buttercream technique, just do a thick smooth layer, chill, and then pull upwards with a spatula?  Any tips?

3. For the dimension, I hate using an airbrush, just brown petal dust? Or dust with alcohol, or food dye with alcohol?

I want to avoid this copy…


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kakeladi Posted 20 Nov 2021 , 2:06am
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No actual experience but I picture using fondant… just more than what is in the 2nd picture & kind of twist it a bit so it’s not so flat (?).    

2). I’d use the back of a spoon.  If possible several different sizes.  You certainly can try a spatula but I think you’ll like the look better using a spoon.  

3). I like the look of petal dust better than either of those others.  It’s probably just a personal choice.  

Hope that helps some 

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-K8memphis Posted 20 Nov 2021 , 10:40pm
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pretty cakes -- it looks perhaps like strips of something were applied and then the edges where the strips join were piped over maybe? because on the left side of the top tier and the right side of the other tier you can see seams -- and also because the strips and piping extend up over the top edge of the larger tier --

hey, I would test it out with some really thin slightly curved strips of fondant or candy clay but not completely cover the cake because there are different depths showing on the sides -- there's some places where it just looks like the squiggly and straight piping is on just the buttercream --

but idk about getting good results on cold butter cream if you use that method -- I would want to use room temp butter cream -- maybe Swiss meringue bc--

y'know the color is so even it's hard to imagine it being two different mediums -- but idk -- that's what I see --

I haven't worked with wafer paper a lot -- but I think Sandra has -- 

for coloring -- you could maybe use edible ink markers and dust with cocoa --

purdy cakes!

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-K8memphis Posted 20 Nov 2021 , 10:49pm
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oooh -- had another thought -- if you use an open coupler and pipe various strips of icing vertically around the cake -- then do the spoon or spatula method I to the middle of those -- you can get those 'seams' and potentially that look -- I think I could get there doing that -- pls lemme know how it goes -- and then it will all be exactly the same color and texture -- and then pipe the squiggly and straight lines over the joins and wherever -- blush

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-K8memphis Posted 20 Nov 2021 , 10:52pm
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so you would have rounded strips that you flatten in the middle 

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kakeladi Posted 21 Nov 2021 , 7:53pm
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K8 your 2nd post was really what I was thinking.  For a short while there was a trend of piping lg blobs on the sides then pulling it to the side making rows around the cake … that’s what you & I are think BUT… instead of pulling it so it goes around pull them up as you described.  

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-K8memphis Posted 22 Nov 2021 , 12:19am
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SandraSmiley Posted 22 Nov 2021 , 12:56am
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I did a technique similar to the raffia from wafer paper.  If you look at my page, it is the first photo, the gentleman's head piece.  I used wafer paper, cut into 2" strips, which I painted with an airbrush.  Once it soften enough to fold, I rolled it into ropes and stuck it on his hat.  You could do the same with vodka and gel color, applied with a paint brush with a VERY light hand.  It takes very little moisture to melt wafer paper.

As to the buttercream technique, I bow to the Queens above!

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