Competitor Posting Popular Pictures Not Their Own

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sudie1 Posted 16 Jan 2020 , 3:24pm
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For quite some time, another baker in our area has been posting pictures on her social media of cakes and cupcakes that are not her work, as if she just created them. These pictures that she posts are cakes or cupcakes that are all over the internet and Pinterest and pop up immediately upon searching for a particular themed cake or cupcake.  For example, she recently posted a very recognizable snowman cake from Pinterest with  comments such as "this would be my take on the cutest snowman you ever did see", or a popular Nativity scene cake/tutorial posted on her Facebook page with comments "I'm now taking orders for Christmas; this cake is ..." (and she posted her price).  I will say that she is talented and I have no doubt that she could pretty closely replicate (or at least give a good attempt at it) the original artist's work, and yes, we've all used other folks' artwork for inspiration. But to post it and comment as if you did the cake, and the picture is EXACTLY the picture found on Pinterest or Google with someone else's name on I wrong to be infuriated here?? Thus far, I've remained silent, as I don't want to create a competitive enemy here.  But I work too hard on my own cakes, cookies and cupcakes for someone a few miles from me to use someone else's hard work as theirs.   Advice? Comments?  

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SandraSmiley Posted 16 Jan 2020 , 4:34pm
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Ever since I've been involved in the cake world, I've heard of this happening in the US and the UK.  It is infuriating and frustrating, but I don't know that there is anything you can do about it.  Just be sure your own photographs are watermarked in such a way that the mark cannot be removed from the picture.  Since I am a hobby decorator, I do not put my watermark over the top of my pictures because, honestly, I don't give a hoot if someone claims it as their own work.  My thinking is, if someone orders it, good luck with trying to duplicate it, lol.

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kakeladi Posted 16 Jan 2020 , 7:48pm
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Sandra is right —  there is really nothing that can be done about this type of thing It happens all the time:(   Usually it ends up the poster does a very sloppy job and the client posts about it — eventually that “decorator” ends up w/such a bad rep no one will order from them  

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jchuck Posted 17 Jan 2020 , 12:38am
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sudie1  I agree with what both Sandra and kakeladi have posted. There really isn’t much you can do. You are correct that what this decorator is doing is wrong. And yes, it is infuriating. You summed it up in your last sentence, you work hard on your own cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Continue to do so, and as Sandra posted, put on a watermark. Decorators like her eventually get found out. 

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ypierce82 Posted 17 Jan 2020 , 2:40am
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I have a friend that does the exact same thing. He posted a picture of a cake that I had pinned and he said that he created it.....down to the same mark on the cake. People like that don't usually have the skills to pull off the cakes they are claiming, but to me the fun part is watching them crash and burn. 

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