Gymnastic Cake.

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pepsiandjac Posted 15 Oct 2019 , 9:57pm
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I am posting this here because for some reason I can’t comment on my other thread

Quote by @-K8memphis on 3 days ago

first off I love your screen name, pepsiandjac— i’m thinking it’s a take off on rum and coke but i’m only guessing —

Not a raving alcoholic sorry, daughters name is Pepsi and grandsons name is Jac.

     K8memphis wrote

the cake person by your description has a big gap between her gallery photos and her actual work and that’s not         right but her prices are in line with her ability — so the old saying, you don’t pay much you don’t get much applied here too


I don’t know where you live ,but where I live £85 is quite expensive for a fondant covered 2 tier sponge cake,

and I find the bold part of your comment very condescending.

 K8memphis wrote

as far as it falling apart — was that after it was cut into? you don’t mention any details — because despite the angle of some of the pictures it seems like a well built cake that survived  the delivery  intact but yeah I think you got what you paid for —

I don't know how you can say its well built, are you looking at the same photos as everyone else ,In the last pic you can see its tilting badly, and then it continued to tilt until it couldn't tilt anymore and fell over,possibly because of the 3 dowels that were in the centre of the bottom layer.

K8memphis wrote

the fifth picture is the cute one — what happened to the top of the bar the gymnast was hanging from? It’s missing from the photos before the fifth one —

The fifth picture was indeed taken by the the person that made the cake ,obviously taken immediately after cake was made ,and before the forces of gravity took over

this is a close up of the cute 5th pic taken by baker

Gymnastic Cake.

And this is a close up of pic 3,cant see much damage there,in fact it looks better in pic 3 than it does in pic

Gymnastic Cake.

And as for the back of the figure,below is  pic 6 blown up ,and pic 4. And they also look the same,

Gymnastic Cake.Gymnastic Cake.

I came here looking for a bit of advice and I’ve been accused of lying,taking dodgy pics, destroying a cake (though why anyone would pay £85 for a cake and destroy it,I don’t know )and my driving skills have been insulted too

Well here’s a bit of advice for you too K8memphis, before you insult someone else I suggest you get a new bloody phone,

I was a member here for a long time,and it was a great site, but I have forgotten all my sign in details,

but I had heard off friends that this site had  gone downhill,and now I know the reason why,and I’ll never come here for advice again.

 PS  and you know what you can do with your driving advice too

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kakeladi Posted 15 Oct 2019 , 10:15pm
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I'm so very sorry you are offended by K8s views.   We (this site) have been over run with spam much of it descized as a 'real post' asking for advicxe only to find it nothing but spam.  There is a further post directed to you by (I believe) Fabricakes  I hope you will take the time to find it

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MBalaska Posted 15 Oct 2019 , 10:58pm
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About Cake Central: is the world's largest cake community for cake decorating professionals and enthusiasts.

A person comes onto a website forum such as this, to make a complaint about a business owner; whose business name is shown on a posted photo. Several businesses with that name are viewable on Google, it may or may or may not be the same business. This complaint could be legitimate, or fabricated. 

One side of a story is written as a "disaster" event.  It may be completely accurate as written here. It may have been the result of actions by the person who picked up & delivered the cake to the event, & didn't want to take the responsibility for the destruction.  it may a completely malicious slur against the business owner trying to get free cake..  It could even be a competitor in the cake business. It could be a complete fantasy.

So who is the complainer?? there is no name attached to the forum poster.  No  history by this new member posting on this particular cake community to give members a hint at the veracity or knowledge or experience in cake decorating of the complainer..

Nothing can be verified, it's just a story posted by an anonymous unknown person about a possible decorator who can't defend themselves or speak to the details of the event.   The story was posted.  Some questions were asked & answered.  If you don't like answers that do not always support your version of events, or question the legitimacy of  your story, it will be difficult to spend time on an "open" forum.

This, or any other forum is not really meant to be a place to Dump & Trash other decorators. Civil disputes are meant to be handled in the court system. Use it if needed.  As I read the original post, I had already asked myself every aspect of the exact same questions & considerations that @-K8memphis had posted...…………. and determined that the whole thing was one of the fake posts.  A sham.  

This is the type of post that a 'moderator' would have shut down or deleted in the earlier days, as they contribute nothing to the cake community. This is also partially why the forum has been losing members & the participation is minimal.  

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SandraSmiley Posted 15 Oct 2019 , 11:18pm
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I am neither as articulate nor as kind as MBalaska, so I will only say that we all know -K8memphis with her vast knowledge and generous heart, always willing to help in any way possible.  She is also perfectly happy to shoot you down when you are wrong.  A strong, compassionate woman, we will always back her 100%.

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-K8memphis Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 12:48am
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that’s interesting too that you think I was talking about your driving skills because  in the first post you said your son-in-law picked it up — 

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MBalaska Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 2:28am
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Quote by @pepsiandjac on 4 hours ago

………."""""",I’ll never come here for advice again.""""""""............

Predictably an good decision on your part.  There are thousands of threads, tutorials, photos, & recipes with an enormous amount of invaluable brilliant 'tried & true' information that can be accessed on this website without having to post ( or spew venom & insults towards other CC members ) on the forum.  A simple Google type of search takes people directly to the CC page. People often diverge to a great degree on issues, doing things completely differently with each being "correct" & happy with their own ways. Continue to use the site & take advantage of the knowledge it provides.  Now THAT is  good advice.  

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MBalaska Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 2:39am
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……………… also~~ perhaps ~~  I'm a bit sensitive about people whinging & whining at the price of a cake with a  free style figure model on them; & how imperfect they are.   I can for example show my one & only attempt at making a person.  It was my 3rd try, sadly.  I made tulips & had the idea to add a girl in a skirt made of tulip petals to match.  It was a disaster and after many long hours of trying & failing it all went in the trash.  Never made one again.  It's bloody difficult. 

Gymnastic Cake.

Gymnastic Cake.

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SandraSmiley Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 12:31pm
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MBalaska, you silly goose!  Your little lady is beautiful!  Threw her in the trash!  She has stunning eyes.  All you needed to do was paint her an upper lip.  Good grief, I thought I was picky!  But, you are right, it is HARD!  There are no telling how many time I redo the face for each figure I make.

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Freckles0829 Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 1:00pm
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MBalaska, I agree with Sandra.  Your figure looked absolutely amazing!  I just made a cake with two figures and part of me was happy with my first try at them and then the other part of me wished I could have changed about a million things.  The body and clothes were pretty easy but man the faces were super difficult!  I watched so many tutorials on how to create a face and those decorators just made it look so darn easy.  I 100% prefer making cute animals over people figures any day of the week.

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Fabricake Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 1:38pm
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K8memphis- You give some great advice but  I don't know if it's our British "stiff upper lip" or the fact we tend to be more reserved with our opinions but I have to say when I read what you wrote I thought Oh, Wow!! That's blunt, can she really say that?! Lol
I don't believe in any way what so ever that PepsiandJac's post was intentionally malicious or to besmirch that particular cake maker.
Was it wrong to included a picture with the company name on? Yes, but that was something that didn't cross my mInd until MBalaska mentioned it and I even Google her too!
I think she was purely asking our opinion as cake makers to the quality of the work and if we would have reacted in the same way to the complaint and if we are all honest regardless if that cake had collapsed or not the quality of the work wasn't the best.
It doesn't matter if they've paid £8, £85 or £800, if you can't make or find it difficult to do figures, flowers whatever your downfall is don't do it, offer an alternative.

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-K8memphis Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 2:36pm
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fabricake — my point to the op being the figurine was altered beyond the meltedness — and while the original may not represent simone biles at her best — originally it’s a pleasant cake for the price —

check the eye makeup — the lips look different — and I don’t know what happened to the cake beyond that — some of facts are misaligned like who picked up the cake —

when someone asks about the work of others it needs to be their original work —

best to you and all — 

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-K8memphis Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 2:41pm
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mb— love your little girl — you’ve got sculpting in your fingers 

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Fabricake Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 3:20pm
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There have been quite a few comments about the price, get what you pay for, pleasant for the price, cheap etc

£85 is pretty standard for a simple two tier cake in that area, I myself live in the same area and my 2 tiers start at £85. We have an over saturation of cake makers of all standards . It's area based pricing here. If I went over the boarder to England I could charge far more, in fact I have customers that drive three and a half/ four hours from London and back again because they can't afford the prices there. Would I want to charge more? of course I would, Do I think I would get more? probably not regardless of ability,
When I see posts with people asking how much would you charge for this cake? and see the replies I'm totally shocked and only wish I could charge that for my work but unfortunately this isn't an affluent area and I regularly have people try to knock the price down!! so £85 is about right

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kakeladi Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 3:31pm
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Mb I only wish I could go thru your trash and save that little girl from your death knoll!   

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MBalaska Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 3:55pm
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as everyone here knows, anyone can join the forum by simply signing up. No matter who they are, where they come from, or what their purpose actually is.  Anyone can join as many times as they want.  They can have as many identities as they want.  They can say they'll never come here  again as many times as they choose; & immediately  sign up again with other monikers & avatars as many times as they want to infinity and beyond.  Probably not worth taking it too much to heart & soul, the ravings & vitriol of one anonymous poster. 

@SandraSmiley, Freckles0829, -K8memphis, Thank you all for the compliment on the little Tulip Girl.  Now I'm glad that I took a photo of her.  Perhaps I'll try it again someday.  This I would do with your feedback.  With  honest discussion, comments, criticism, & discussion here on the forum.  It would serve me no good to have you say something is ok when it's an glaring error to experienced talented eyes..  I think that's how the forum can benefit us all.

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-K8memphis Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 3:56pm
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I can see a two tier costing that much but you gotta and add on at least $15 or more for a two legged gymnast on a pole -- the caker has cut out silhouettes, the cake is starred, sprinkled and be-ribboned, it's got drips over marbled icing, cute little name -- offset on the board to display the years -- toss in the mona lisa gazing at the sistine chapel ceiling no wonder peeps are driving in from London --

this is not your battle, fabricake --

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MBalaska Posted 16 Oct 2019 , 9:59pm
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Quote by @kakeladi on 6 hours ago

Mb I only wish I could go thru your trash and save that little girl from your death knoll!   

thanks @kakeladi...………  when & if I attempt a person again it might be helpful to get some feedback from you guys before she is given the DK !

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SandraSmiley Posted 17 Oct 2019 , 1:17am
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MBalaska, like I said, faces are never easy, but I would be happy to give any pointers I could.  Don't give up on models, especially as cute as your little deceased girl was!

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MBalaska Posted 17 Oct 2019 , 2:26am
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Thanks @SandraSmiley,  I actually used some of my mold mixture (where you combine two parts & it makes a dough that hardens) and made a small silicone head rest.  It was impossible for me to hold the thing in my hand & try to put any shape or details on it. I needed both hands free to do any work. It is probably hiding in my silicone mold box someplace.  I take lots of photos of the process, & record step-by-step what I'm doing.  Then if it's successful I'll have it as a tutorial for another day.

Gymnastic Cake.

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SandraSmiley Posted 17 Oct 2019 , 2:45am
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Now see how cute she is!  I made a "holder" for my model heads, too, but it didn't work for me.  Since I use modeling chocolate, I leave a bit of excess on the back of the head and flatten it out against the table to hold it in place.  When I am finished with the face, I put the head on a chop stick, carve off the flatten part and round out the head, then add hair.

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MBalaska Posted 17 Oct 2019 , 2:53am
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Sounds good.  You're superb modeling is always impressive.  !!!!!

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SandraSmiley Posted 17 Oct 2019 , 4:33pm
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Thank you, MBalaska.  Believe me, I struggle too.

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