How Much To Charge To Decorate A Cake?

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Naty Posted 15 May 2019 , 11:38am
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Hello. I have been asked to decorate an 8" cake for a client. My coworker is baking it and im decorating it. I have my own price of $30 for a tiered 8 x 3 cake for my cakes with plain deecorations.

As this cake is already baked, what do i charge for the frosting and decorating time/decorations?

My regular fee for cakes is price of ingredients x 3 (for use of supplies, electricity, labor, etc).

Thank you

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kakeladi Posted 15 May 2019 , 1:19pm
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Many, many of us would tell you to run, run far away from this idea!  You won’t know how that cake is going to be—will it even be decoratable!  Is it level; way over baked, raw/half baked etc   If you still want to do it I suggest your pricing is to low & say charge the same   Part of the reason is because of the trouble it will be & part because the cost of cake/baking is very little compared to the cost/knowledge needed to present a beautiful creation   Good luck

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Naty Posted 15 May 2019 , 2:43pm
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Thank you kakeladi! That makes soooo much sense! Just thought i could make a little extra $ but, will not do it...its not worth the effort, plus i would probably have to do the delivery as well

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MerMadeBakedGoods Posted 15 May 2019 , 3:18pm
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Amen, Kakeladi!

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-K8memphis Posted 15 May 2019 , 4:14pm
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sounds like someone either trying to cheap out on you or using a special family recipe —

but this is where a minimum price comes in handy — which if you are only charging $30 for an 8” cake — it might be early in the game for this — that’s barely over a dollar per serving — but eventually you’ll want to establish a $50 minimum price at least to do anything cake related — because people in general will try to talk you out of your money — they want to order an elaborate bday cake then you quote them and they go , “well we only need 4 servings so if you charge $10 a serving we can get that elaborate cake for $40 — agh no — 

so ultimately you want to have a minimum in the hundreds of dollars — starting at $100 probably — so no matter what they want, you’re gonna get a hunnerd  bux minimum — see what i mean blush

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-K8memphis Posted 15 May 2019 , 4:18pm
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yeah, i mean besides what kakeladi  and mermade already said of course — could be a nightmare —

although selling some roses or something like that independent of actually piping on the cake is also an idea — perhaps — along the lines of making every contact into a possible money maker —

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ypierce82 Posted 15 May 2019 , 4:54pm
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This isn't something that I would personally do for all of the reasons listed already. I definitely don't want my name attached to something that I didn't have my hands on from start to finish, but I do like the idea of selling decorations separately; and you're still making money. You have a skill that the other person obviously doesn't have or hasn't perfected, but there are too many unknown variables.

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kakeladi Posted 15 May 2019 , 5:29pm
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I agree w/the idea of selling decorations seperately...   Didn't think of that at 5 a.m. when I finally got on the 'puter after not being able to fall back to sleep :( 

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SandraSmiley Posted 15 May 2019 , 6:16pm
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I would not do it either, a weird proposition.  And, as everyone above has said, you are selling yourself short on your 8" cake for $30.

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