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TruCake Posted 21 Mar 2018 , 9:40pm
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This week has been crazy!  We have 4 wedding cakes to get out and I usually never book that many...anyway I have some people helping with little things with me over seeing and this is the issues I can  not seem to fully figure out:

We had 2 double batches of SM going at same time which so you know we have in each batch 10 EW, 2 1/2C sugar on heat, whisking constant to 170. ( I know most do to 140 we just like the higher temp and always use candy thermometer) we continued on as normal.  When tasting noticed strange rubber like objects all in icing (1- was Peach Mimosa the other Strawberry both done both many times).  This was in both batches.  Never has happened in the past.

So this was my thinking:

1) The pan was not scraped down well while cooking but done at end which EW and sugar turned to plastic like material

2) Temp got higher and made some candy like substance

3) while whisking didn't get from sides

4) To many cooks in the kitchen and just cant watch em' all!  LOL

So back to my foreign objects, they were big pieces as well as small.  I spent the last 2 hours straining my SMBC to be sure all weird pieces were removed.

Can't wait to hear from you all as to what was done wrong here. 


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Smckinney07 Posted 22 Mar 2018 , 11:32pm
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Did it start right around the edge of the bowls? Do you know what material the bowls are? Sometimes if the metal isn't anodized the friction can cause this residue-which I really hope is not the case considering you served it. I know how expensive butter, eggs, etc. are but if you run into something like that again you probably should remake it.

My rule is if I wouldn't eat it I won't serve it. But I am sure what I'm picturing is worse case scenario

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TruCake Posted 23 Mar 2018 , 1:32am
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 No it did not start around the bowl.  It was in the end product as we always taste test everything that is put out of every batch of icing, batter, creams etc.  That is why it was caught because of taste testing. I use stainless steel bowls as always and I also tasted all of the the batches of icing.   Cost was not an issue to re-make.  I would NEVER serve something I would not my self consume. 

Thanks for your response to the question.

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-K8memphis Posted 23 Mar 2018 , 3:44pm
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yeah it just sounds like cooked eggs and sugar -- for the reasons you listed

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TruCake Posted 23 Mar 2018 , 5:00pm
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Thanks just looking for confirmation.  It as I had said has ever happened in years of making SM.  also since I like it cooled to 160 or 170, I tend to thing that it got higher in temp and made plastic!  LOL


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-K8memphis Posted 23 Mar 2018 , 5:05pm
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I use to use the cooked flour icing recipe for everything -- and I can't tell you how many times i'd even find burnt pieces as well as the jellified bits in there -- omg -- I've spend many many evenings and wee hours of the morning straining icing -- high five!

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TruCake Posted 23 Mar 2018 , 5:27pm
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Too funny!!!  Gives your arms a true work out!  LOL

We do everything from scratch and it reminded me of use making our own Guava paste for clients.....makes you want to hurt someone...

High five back!  Only the strong survive :)

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TruCake Posted 23 Mar 2018 , 5:29pm
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Oh, for those whom may be reading Guava as a tone of little very very terrible hard seeds in which mush be removed if you want people to keep there teeth!  Hence the hours of straining the Guave

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-K8memphis Posted 23 Mar 2018 , 5:56pm
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too funny!! ah the joys of cakin'...

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Cake-Monster Posted 26 Mar 2018 , 3:36am
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If you're using pasteurized eggs, you don't strictly speaking need to get the egg-sugar mixture up to that high temperature. Keep in mind that those recipes originated in Europe where their methods for keeping eggs fresh are different from ours, so it's more important there than here in the US. With pasteurized eggs, once the sugar is dissolved completely, the mixture can be taken off the heat and it's still safe to eat even if it hasn't hit temperature. Works just the same. Sounds like your eggs started to cook.

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