Help Quick! Cake Fell Apart.

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Shanelly Posted 25 Aug 2017 , 12:31pm
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I am doing my first wedding cake. I have never done a tier this big. It fell apart when I was putting on the second layer. I probably cant put white chocolate ganache over the top of it to fix it right?  It would look fine on the outside but look like crap when they cut it. Of coarse I don't have enough eggs to make another layer. Its not due until tomorrow at 4 luckily. Ough. Any tips on getting a fresh 14" on top with out it breaking?  I never have luck with fresh cakes.  This one was frozen and unthawed. I should of layered it frozen.  Help Quick! Cake Fell Apart.

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cherrycakes Posted 25 Aug 2017 , 1:43pm
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So sorry this is happening! Wedding cakes are stressful enough without having them fall apart!

I recently had to re-do a 14" as I also had issues with the cake layers falling apart. I decided to re-bake rather than piece it together purely for presentation purposes (and for peace of mind). As I also had limited time and always freeze my cakes before layering I decided to bake 4, 1" layers so I could flash-freeze them quickly, thaw and proceed as usual. Baking a 1" high cake also takes far less time than a 2" high cake for some reason. It worked really well! 

Good luck! 

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-K8memphis Posted 25 Aug 2017 , 2:03pm
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tips to help assembling tiers -- right before you want to place it -- slide the layer onto a fresh cardboard circle -- making sure it will still slide off -- that's it's not stuck on there -- and hold it directly over the freshly iced bottom layer -- one hand on top and one on the bottom to secure it so it doesn't crack -- and at the same time line it up with the edge of the bottom tier -- edges touching lined up at 12 o'clock -- and taking that top hand at 6 o'clock start scootching it off the board a tad to get it to slightly adhere to the frosting -- then without further adieu pull the cardboard circle out while just holding the layer right there in place -- easy peasy --

you can do this with a flat cookie sheet -- they even sell nifty big spatula tools to do this job -- cardboard circle works fine

yeah unfortunately that layer looks trashed -- if it was just a couple cracks you could glue it together with buttercream

i'm here for yah -- lemme know how i can help

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-K8memphis Posted 25 Aug 2017 , 5:24pm
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when i said line it up -- i meant with the corresponding edge of the bottom layer -- the far edge -- line that up -- then just pull out the cardboard while the cake just lays down onto the icing -- voila

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remnant3333 Posted 25 Aug 2017 , 11:03pm
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Looks like to me you need to go buy more eggs and whatever you need and re-bake. So sorry this happened to you. Don't feel all alone because all of us have had days like this when everything goes wrong. I am sure a new re-baked cake will turn out just fine. Let us know how it goes. Keep the faith!!!

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Shanelly Posted 26 Aug 2017 , 4:12am
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Thank you guys for the tips. I had so many issues with this cake it was rediculous!  Of coarse it was the cake I was the most nervous about.  Feel like I have gotten a lot better with fondant cakes, but this was only my second nice cake without fondant.  My white chocolate ganache wouldn't set even with a 4 to 1 ratio. I even measured on a scale!  I purchased the chips from a cake supply and that's what they recommended.   Idk what went wrong.

 So I ended up doing vanilla frosting instead and couldn't get it perfectly smooth. I spent 12 hours none stop on this cake! Luckily my re-baked 14" held together. I cried to my mom about my cake issues and she was nice enough to come bring me food and help with the last of the cake.  

I know not every cake can go smooth but man this cake makes me want to give up. I'm perfectionist and it irritates me its not perfect but oh well. Its a learning experiance and hopefully the customer likes it.  Heres a picture of the cake I'm to pooped to set up my backdrop so hopefully I get a cute picture from the client. Help Quick! Cake Fell Apart.

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tomthebarncat Posted 26 Aug 2017 , 4:25am
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I am sorry that you had so many issues with making this cake! Glad you finally got a finished product. I like the design, but honestly, this cake looks homemade! I am not a baker but I am just expressing my honest opinion. Do you did state if this cake was a gift, or a paid professional order. Just my two cents!

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kakeladi Posted 26 Aug 2017 , 8:13pm
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You know there are some cakes that just refuse to cooperate!  Happens to all of us at one time or another.  If you want some on,   If not forget what I'm saying here. 

It looks to me like your b'cream is too dry.  Maybe it needed a bit more fat (be it shortening, butter or ?).  Some might say it needed more liquid but really what you want is creamy, not thin consistency.  File that away for future use :)

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remnant3333 Posted 27 Aug 2017 , 5:00pm
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For some reason I see no picture of the cake. Where can you see the picture of her final cake? I can't see it. 

Shanelly, don't give up. Everyone has had issues at one time or another. You may never have this issue happen again. 

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-K8memphis Posted 27 Aug 2017 , 6:04pm
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great save -- beautiful cake -- pictures highlight every jot and tittle of the surface of any cake -- yeah if you're entering a submission to kerry vincent's ossas -- you might wanna re-do the icing -- otherwise it's a very well done creation -- i'm sure the bride was very happy -- see how accurate that unforgiving arrow straight ribbon is toward the rest of the cake -- nearly perfect -- great save --

best to you

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remnant3333 Posted 31 Aug 2017 , 6:36am
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I see the picture now. I love the purple ribbons and the hearts. You did a great job!!! I know you were frustrated about the broken cake but everyone here has had issues like this at one time or another!! Keep the faith and keep on caking!! Great looking cake!!

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Shanelly Posted 31 Aug 2017 , 11:14pm
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Thank you guys. If she looked at my profile she would see that I only do kids cakes. Even at that they aren't prefect.  I am definitely improving but far from a professional! A friend recommended her to me because she needed a last minute cake. I'm assuming they didn't have the budget for a professional one.  This cake is definitely haunting me!  I think I will stick to kids cakes until I get better at it. 

My husband heard from a friend that the cake ended up melting by the time they ate it. It sounded like they left it outside for hours in 100+ heat! You would think the venue would know better?  The middle was chocolate ganache.. of coarse it would melt outside for hours.  I just feel terrible.  I don't think any cake would survive 100+ for hours right?  Is there anything I can do in the future to keep them from melting?  I'm sure they are super upset about it. I have been having nightmares about it. 

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Cake-Monster Posted 1 Sep 2017 , 4:26am
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No, there is nothing that can be done with those conditions. A cake is definitely going to have problems in 100+ degree weather. It sounds like these people might not have been the best planners, all things considered.

In the future, now you can tell your customers not to leave their cakes in the heat for so long. But as for this cake, considering your level of expertise, and the fact that it sounds like you were this couple's quick "budget" option, I'd enjoy it for what it is and consider it a learning experience.

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Cake-Monster Posted 1 Sep 2017 , 4:29am
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Also, after looking at your picture I'm curious, what kind of tool/utensil did you use to smooth your buttercream?

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Shanelly Posted 1 Sep 2017 , 5:18am
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Quote by @Cake-Monster on 37 minutes ago

Also, after looking at your picture I'm curious, what kind of tool/utensil did you use to smooth your buttercream?

I just purchased the pro froster but wasn't able to get it super smooth. I kept redoing it but it kept having little bubbles in the frosting.   I tried heating my spatula in hot water and that didn't work.  I also tried heating up my cake scraper and it helped a little but not a ton.   Had I known the wedding was outside I would of told them the cake couldn't be outside for hours. I didn't even think of asking if it was outside. I will make sure to ask people next time though. 

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