In Distress Over Cake Dome!!!

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owpetcoff Posted 10 Jun 2017 , 12:03am
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Hi to All!

I really need some help, a pat on the back, some knowledge...any help would be appreciated. 

Okay, so, I have planned an office birthday celebration for my mentor; her 70th birthday is approaching,, and I am doing a pre-birthday office "deal" for her next week (it will consist of cake and punch). I am doing this all by myself (as opposed to anyone else contributing financially). The latter is important because, after paying for a custom 10" round cake to be made, customized napkins, plates, and cups, an engraved cake server and knife set as a gift, drinks, cake plate and a dome I cannot use (THIS is what I will be talking about soon, I promise :D ), I am financially tapped out! So, the cake is 10", but is decorated all over with rosettes. The designer said it will be 5.5 inches high (two layers and including the rosettes) and maybe 10.5" to 11" inches in diameter. After much searching, I found a cake plate large enough to hold the 12" cake board that the cake will be on. I thought I had found the perfect dome (after much, much, much searching)...I paid two-day shipping on it and everything...and got that thing in the mail today...only to find out that it TAPERS SLIGHTLY...and may end up being too "snug" for the cake (don't want to ruin the decorations). 

  1. I want to know if it is "required" (etiquette-wise) to serve a cake on a cake stand....or can it be served directly on the cake board that will be placed on an office table.
  2. There is a question here somewhere, but I am too frazzled to form it right now: I am concerned that the cake will sit out all day and either go stale or something. I will not be there when they serve the cake (I am dropping off the cake and running out for a meeting all day; not my department anyway). The office is a VPs office...very well air conditioned and ventilated. Still, to leave the cake out all day without a cover....
  3. On the other hand, don't wedding cakes stay out "exposed" for long periods of time? Oh, I forgot to say that this is a buttercream (yellow) cake with almond-flavored cake and blackberry preserves filling. 
  4. I guess I could have the designer to drop down to an 8 inch cake, but that would feed less people. Plus, that has nothing to do with the height of the cake...only the diameter (If I am wrong, please tell me). 

As you can see, I am really at my wits' end with this. I am a planner :D and plan everything down to the last detail...especially when I am not going to be there to take care of anything should it go wrong. Plus, I want this birthday to be special for my friend.

Please, please, please....somebody write back and say SOMETHING :D . Any help or insight you give will be greatly appreciated.

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SandraSmiley Posted 10 Jun 2017 , 12:15am
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@owpetcoff ‍, take a deeeep breath and calm down.  Yes, you can have the designer to make an 8" cake instead of a 10" and she could make a three layer cake instead of two or add half a dozen cupcakes with the extra batter.  The servings should be the same.  

No, it is not mandatory to have the cake on an elevated stand.  Lots of things can serve as a cake stand - an overturned crystal bowl, pretty napkins, woven mats, oriental plant stand, whatever coordinates.  Your cake is not going to become stale in a few hours.  Sounds like you are in pretty good shape.  Relax and enjoy.

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owpetcoff Posted 10 Jun 2017 , 12:40am
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@SandraSmiley ‍  - Oooo, cupcakes! That sounds PERFECT! That is a great idea! Thanks so much. The designer is gone for the day, but I will ask about it tomorrow. 

Thank you for alleviating some of my stress :D . Let me ask you this: If I choose to stick with the 10" cake, how long do you think it could stay out (uncovered, as I have no dome for it)?

Thanks so much!

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SandraSmiley Posted 10 Jun 2017 , 6:08pm
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You can always set the cake inside a box so that it is covered (I sometimes use left over boxes from the liquor or grocery store - tip the box on it's side and slide the cake in then lightly tape it closed) and, if there is nothing in the filling, like a custard or fresh strawberries, which requires refrigeration, it will stay fresh on the counter all day.

Another thing to consider, if the cake is 10" and it will be decorated with rosettes all over, it will wind up being about 12" in diameter.  Rosettes require a LOT of icing.

Glad you can breath a little better now (smile)! 

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AnnieCahill Posted 10 Jun 2017 , 6:43pm
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You don't need to cover the cake with a dome.  It will definitely not go stale under all that buttercream.  I've set up cakes early in the morning for weddings in the evening with no issues.

A stand is definitely not required.  You can always get a cake drum and cover it in fondant (or not, I don't do that anymore) and then wrap a ribbon around the outside of the drum and put it right on the table.

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owpetcoff Posted 13 Jun 2017 , 10:41am
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Thanks so much for the great ideas! The gathering is an office type party at work on Thursday. I will let everyone know how it went.

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kakeladi Posted 13 Jun 2017 , 9:31pm
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The only thing more/different I suggest is once the cake has been cut into (but still some left for others to serve themselves) the cut parts will dry out some.  To prevent this cover the cut areas w/plastic wrap.  Just tuck it up against the cake - it should hold just fine and anyone who goes to cut more will notice it. 

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owpetcoff Posted 15 Jun 2017 , 11:45pm
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Hi to all!

Everything went well! The cake was not covered, but I think (I was not present for the cake cutting or eating; I had meetings in another city). Kakeladi, they DID use plastic wrap, but they cut the small remaining wedge up into smaller slices, put them on plates, and put the plastic wrap over them. I took the cake at 8:30 am; I did not get back until 4:30pm... the cake still seemed fresh. Oh, the cake was cut around 11:00, I think... based on the text messages I started getting around that time about how good the cake was :) .

Thank you all soooooo much for your help. In Distress Over Cake Dome!!!

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SandraSmiley Posted 16 Jun 2017 , 3:00am
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Your table looks beautiful @owpetcoff ‍ and the cake looks perfect.

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owpetcoff Posted 16 Jun 2017 , 3:09am
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Thanks, @SandraSmiley ‍  smiley!

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kakeladi Posted 16 Jun 2017 , 7:51pm
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Oh that's good to hear.  I knew there would be no problems.  Sorry you had to go through so much angst.

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owpetcoff Posted 26 Jun 2017 , 2:59am
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