How Can I Draw People To Me ?

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karenamr95 Posted 5 May 2017 , 3:39pm
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So i just made a facebook

im wondering how i can put myself out there to really start my work.

i have tried craigslist but i havent got anything from that and i started uploading more of my cakes on pintrest

anyone else got any other ideas?

does anyone know how i can get more likes on my page?

how did everyone else start out 

( i am doing this from home)

and looking into getting my home prossesor license hopefully do farmers/fleamarkets in the future

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kakeladi Posted 5 May 2017 , 9:21pm
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Things are so different from when I started out I'm not sure they would still be worth trying.  I lived in a smallish town, so I offerend to give a free b'day cake to anyone working at the bank I used.  I made a single 8" layer iced & simple decorating w/b'cream.  Also made posters that I took to as many large offices, beauty shops, rest homes etc as I could find.  I'd go in asking if they had a break room where I could put that poster.  For Valentine's day I made 9" heart decorated cookies - I would take one and a poster  placing it in the break room and waited for the orders to come in - which they did for the cookies & eventually cakes.

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GI Posted 5 May 2017 , 9:47pm
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Get your license asap and whatever else permits you have....  print  business cards, with your info, have prices of basics even, on the back, if you want...or a  small sheet.

Then prepare to give a ton away...neighbors, the small business down the road, people you know, the local places like dental & eye clinics...a large building that has a receptionist is also great (think Government Buildings)...local Realtor associations, too...and make sure everything is packaged up nicely, boxed, etc. ...may even wish to put the basic price list taped inside the box.

That is one way to get your name out there fast.

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MimiFix Posted 6 May 2017 , 1:30am
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Good luck, Karena. (If you're in NY State, here's the link for the Home Processor Permit.)

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remnant3333 Posted 6 May 2017 , 2:57am
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Go to place that sells office equipment and get you some business cards made up. Years ago when I had lawn business I went to Best Buys and got maybe 1500 business cards for about 20 dollars.

Computer places will also make up business cards for you.  If you want them to be magnetized they can do that too.Put your email address and Facebook address on cards,name and phone number, etc. Many people you give them to will put them on refrigerator if they are magnetized. Give your cards to people you see in a parking lot and anywhere you go. You will be amazed at how many people will call you by giving out your cards. I had so much business that way that I stayed super busy!!! Some people will want more than one card to give to their friends.

Go door to door in neighborhoods and knock on doors and give your cards out to the whole neighborhood. You gotta get your name out there somehow.   Only go to neighborhoods that are high class because you want to attract people who can afford to buy your cakes. Of course we all know that some of those rich people will nickel and dime you to death trying to get you to give them lower prices and others will pay what you ask. 

Maybe others here will have better ideas. I only am speaking from my experience and what worked for me. Getting your name out there is super important.  I wish you good luck in all that you do!!!

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Smckinney07 Posted 6 May 2017 , 6:25am
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I can't find your FB page for one, did you spell it wrong above? 

I don't think 'likes' matter as much, of course you want to use as much free advertisement as possible but most likes/chats are from other decorators-in my experience anyway. I would focus more on local business-I've gotten my best customers and repeat business by word of mouth-which obviously takes a while!

The most important thing to focus on (imho) is a nice portfolio, lovely pictures with a backdrop and proper lighting (Liz Marek has a YouTube video about setting up a diy photo background with pvc-she's the Artisan Cake Company and The Sugar Geek Show she has tons of free content and she's brilliant). 

Do you want to specialize in beautiful wedding cakes? Fun sculpted cakes? Kids Cakes? What do you have to offer that others in your area might not? 

For example, say you want to focus on Wedding Cakes. You could sign up for a local Bridal Show. Take decorated cake dummies, samples, cards and your portfolio. I also like to have a raffle to get email addresses.                                   You can reach out to others in the wedding industry, local florists, wedding venues, planners, photographers, etc. Ask if you can bring them samples and cards by. Also, ask them to collaborate with you, ask venues if you can leave a stack of cards. 

Donate a cake to a charity auction and/or gift cards. If you have small children make special treats for their bake sales, take in a Halloween cake. Speak with the PTA and offer something for the cast party after the play (these are things I did with my daughter). 

I would not look at Craigslist or anything like that, yard sale groups, etc. Those are people looking for something 'cheap'. 

Some people have blogs, you can pay for advertising on FB (although I don't know anything about that). At least setup a website as well, there are several free ones or you can hire someone for that. It takes a while to grow a successful business and get repeat customers so be patient and practice on cake dummies. 

Whatever you do I would not recommend taking orders for 'ingredient costs' or 'half price' it will be extremely difficult when you actually have a steady flow of business to raise your prices, and the customer base you've grown will be useless. Again, just my opinion! I know tons of people do this but I feel very strongly against this, personally. If you want to practice do it on Cake dummies to expand your portfolio. Good luck! Hope some of this made sense

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