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sugarbritches Posted 28 Mar 2016 , 6:33pm
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When you deliver a wedding cake...do you provide a cake pedestal?  Decorate the table?   I have only delivered the wedding cake and done nothing else..but when I look at pics from various weddings, the cake table has all kinds of decorations, flowers, candles etc and the cake is  very often on a cake pedestal.  Is it my job to do this? 

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debbine Posted 28 Mar 2016 , 7:13pm
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It depends on the venue and how the client has it set up.  I usually ask to see the venue and talk to the staff there to see if they are decorating the cake table and give suggestions (and sometimes bring my own decorations).

I have charged for using my cake or cupcake stands (which I've gotten from reading a slew of cake stuff).  I charged a small fee but also charged a holding fee which would be returned when the stand was returned.  Believe me, they kept in contact with me to get that fee back.

Again, I think it all depends on the client.  I've had people ask me to decorate the cup/cake table using my own style and flair but as long as the colors matched their decorations.  Then there were times, I've just dropped off the cup/cakes and left not worrying about where the cake is going.

Hope this helps.  I've been baking for a while, but not to the level I want.  I've been baking around my nephews schedule.  He's severely handicap so I take orders when it seems he's doing well and recently started working with a caterer who calls me when she has cakes or cupcakes on her menu.

Wishing you the best.  God bless and take care.

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-K8memphis Posted 28 Mar 2016 , 9:58pm
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if you own pedestals and want to rent them out go for it -- i've sold a lot of pedestals that i made for the cake -- otherwise no the table decor is not your purview -- sometimes a bride will want to sprinkle petals on the cake table and i like to talk them into using edible petals made from flavored fondant -- but the decor is set for the whole reception and it's typically done by others --

which is why at the consult i always request that the cake table be set up/decorated first and i find out who is in charge of decorating, their phone # and at what time will they be there

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kakeladi Posted 28 Mar 2016 , 10:18pm
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I never did decorate the table.  I tell the bride at consultation that it is her responsibility to provide a very sturdy table ready to show off her cake.

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cakesmith.oh Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 7:41pm
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I find that the cake stand and table decorations are often things the bride hasn't thought about yet when I do the consultation, so I always inquire to avoid any surprises later on.  I always ask if they plan to have a cake stand so I can tell them the appropriate size to get for their cake.  I also ask if there will be any other table decorations.  In my experience so far, I have only had one cake delivery where I needed to decorate the table.  Typically the venue has set up the table and any decorations that the bride wanted by the time I get there. 

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bella2524 Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 7:49pm
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I will arrange the items that are on the table when I get there so everything looks nice for my photos but I do not provide any of the items. www.freshbakedva.com

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costumeczar Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 8:28pm
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In general, the venue or the coordinator or bride does the decorations for the table, unless you rent the stands to them. The only time I've ever done any "arranging" at the request of the bride, I've seen photos from the wedding that clearly show someone else came along and rearranged everything when I left. I figure that there are enough fussy ladies at wedding receptions going from table to table fluffing things, so I don't spend a ton of time arranging. I'll open the boxes and put the cake knives and champagne flutes out if they're on the table, but I always assume that someone else is going to follow along behind me to put them where they need to be.

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sugarbritches Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 11:43pm
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Thanks everyone!  This really helps.  I know at minimum I should be asking that question during consultation.

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Mar 2016 , 11:55pm
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what question?

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sugarbritches Posted 30 Mar 2016 , 12:00am
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If the bride/venue/event planner is setting up the table and not assuming I am.

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-K8memphis Posted 30 Mar 2016 , 12:25am
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they provide/set up the table and the decor for it -- no one assumes you are doing it -- you are being paid to do a cake not decorate/provide the table -- i've never in over 40 years had anyone say omg you didn't provide/decorate the cake table -- it's as much your job to decorate the table as it is for you to spin records and cut the roast beef -- y'know if the bride asks you to and you want to but no it is not your business unless you are the wedding coordinator --


ok if you have to ask -- just ask for the name of the person doing it like in post 3 -- assume it's being done -- and don't volunteer unless they pay you



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-K8memphis Posted 30 Mar 2016 , 12:26am
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i mean how could you get linens to match -- are you carrying tables -- i don't think i understand 

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sugarbritches Posted 30 Mar 2016 , 1:44pm
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I just meant embellishing the cake table.. Cake stand, etc.  

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-K8memphis Posted 30 Mar 2016 , 4:09pm
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gotcha gotcha gotcha

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4laynes Posted 1 Apr 2016 , 11:16pm
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So what do you all think is a reasonable amount to charge for renting cake stands?  I don't mean a deposit - say I'm asked (paid) to cut the cake and I will be taking the stand, pedestal, plateau home with me.  I just bought a gorgeous silver stand and I would like for it to pay for itself in time. relaxed.png

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