Tap It's (Tappits) Help Needed!!!

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Kathryn-87 Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 12:17am
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Hi guys,

new to the forums tonight as having trouble. I bought some tappits from eBay with a calligraphy style script and I've had nothing but issues grrrr. I cannot get certain letters out such as the capital A. I think it's too thin but would appreciate any advise of your tricks to get perfect pretty writing!! 

I have added tylo to my fondant, let it rest and slightly air dry before using the letters. I have dusted them even oiled it slightly (you tube trick) and still no luck! 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Kat xx

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Frank68 Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 12:46am
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Hi Kathyrn-87, I use the same one's (the funky set I think it's called). I roll my fondant a bit on the thinner side, let it rest for about 10 minutes and then apply a dusting of 50/50 corn starch and powdered sugar on both sides of the fondant, and on the inside of the tappits. I've had pretty good luck but every now and then I run into problems and I just throw the tappit in the freezer for a few minutes.  

I think pretty much everyone on this forum has had challenges with that set.



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lisatipperoo Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 12:47am
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I always have trouble with one or two of my letters as well. Something that really helps is rolling the fondant way thinner than even I think it should be. Then I seem to have better luck. Did you try cornstarch for the dusting as well? Straight cornstarch seems to work better than powdered sugar for me. Wish I could be more helpful!

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Goreti Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 12:48am
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This is what helped me 

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rychevamp Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 12:49am
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Sounds like you are doing most things right.  I had a little trouble the first time I used them, (I have the script as well).  I said the name should be called whack-its :).  It took several hard whacks to get them out the first time.

I allowed the fondant with tylose to dry for a while after rolling it out.  It needs to be thin.  I had problems with the "y" and anything that had a curly loop on it.  

The last time I used them, the fondant dried longer than the first time, and they popped out before I was ready, some just stayed on the counter and didn't even stick. I only used cornstarch to roll the fondant out. 

Maybe  more tylose and longer drying time?

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sunnydayz Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 2:02am
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Hello Kathryn-87,  I can't remember where I first learned of this but it works so well.  Roll your fondant/gumpaste as you would then take saran wrap and place a strip over the underside of the tappets and then place your fondant on top.  Roll over your fondant with pin and then remove the excess.  Gently pull the cling wrap from the cutters and they should come right out and then you'd just remove them from the saran.  :)

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Jedi Knight Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 4:22am
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Two things:

Are they 'real' Tappits, from FMM? Name-brand cutters? Or illegal knock-offs? There IS a huge difference in quality between the two.

Use gumpaste. The manufacturer recommends it (if the cutter is name-brand it will say gumpaste on the back of the packaging), and they are made to be used with gumpaste.

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Brookebakes Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 6:37am
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I've had much more success with gum paste than with fondant when using Tappits. - Probably because you can roll the gum paste much thinner.

My process... roll out very thin strips of gum paste. Allow to dry for a few minutes. Place gum paste on top of grease proof paper/baking paper before using the Tappit. Good luck!

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Kathryn-87 Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 8:13am
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Thank you all for your help! I'm going to try gum paste today. I'm also taking the set I got to my local cake suppliers to compare quality. I really do think there knock offs, I've only got 1 out with wacking it one, the rest don't and have a lot of excess fondant when they do finally slip out. Was sat for hours last night slowly losing my mind

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Kathryn-87 Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 8:15am
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My post broke in half! 

Anyway I will try the techniques that I have not yet tried! I shall update if I get any success. Thanks again

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Snowflakebunny23 Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 11:20am
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After many attempts, I have decided that the best solution is to burn them and pipe the text instead...much quicker in the long run!!!!

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sunnydayz Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 3:09pm
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virago Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 3:28pm
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related thread...same subject...more tips and tricks


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kstevens Posted 30 Apr 2015 , 3:39pm
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I too have the funky alphabet set & was about ready to throw them out when I tried the saran wrap trick.  It works like a charm even with fondant.  I think if you give it a go you'll be much less likely to want to smash them or as Snowflakebunny23 suggested, burn them.

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Kathryn-87 Posted 3 May 2015 , 11:28am
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Success!! The gum paste rolled so thin it would blow away worked! But with havin to tease the more fiddley bits they did misshape so I bought a different block set and they worked a charm! I'll keep practicing with the wiggly set as I'm so close!! Thanks for all your suggestions. X

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