Donating A Voucher For Raffle At Benefit.

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weidertm24 Posted 26 Jan 2015 , 6:23am
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I'm interested in donating a voucher for a 2 tier cake (10" - 8") and I wanted to know if anyone else has done this and how they promoted it. I want it to be clear enough so people know what they're buying tickets for and not sure how to go about it. I planned on including a few pictures of cakes that size I have made, along with the number of servings, flavors available, a value (not sure on a number yet) and an expiration date (How long should I give the person to use it?). I was thinking something like this but I wanted to see if I was forgetting anything or if you think there's anything I should change. 


I was thinking on the back add something with more information about getting a hold of me to order the cake. What do you think I need to put, I know I want to ask that they order the cake 1-2 weeks in advance, how much notice do you ask when people order a cake. I'm a hobby baker and have a full time job. 



I also thought about donating some cupcakes for the benefit so people cake taste my cake so they know what they're getting. 




Thanks in advance. 

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Jedi Knight Posted 26 Jan 2015 , 7:10am
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AThat's a lot of cake. I'd probably donate a 8-4 or 8-6 instead.

I donated a gift certificate recently to a charity auction and included a photo of a cake - a package cake - and said the client could choose flavors and colors. The cake was worth $155 and sold for $49.

Narrow the choices down as much as posibble. The winner is going to try and get as much as possible for their money, so make sure you draw the line.

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yortma Posted 26 Jan 2015 , 2:30pm
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I would set a minimum starting bid 75.00$?  100.00$? You Don't want to be doing all that work for virtually nothing. Also, is delivery included?  I did the same thing for my church a number of times over the years and it went well. The first few times I placed the starting bid myself because It would have cost more to make the cake for anything less, and wouldn't have been worth the effort.  Then I started specifying a minimum.  It always went for well above.  A few times the cake was never claimed!  Do set an expiration date, and I also mention in the description that not all dates may be available in case you happen to be on vacation, etc. 2 weeks notice required.   If you include delivery  specify how far you will go.   I also brought cupcakes or cookies along as a taste test.  I sold them and clearly stated I was giving the money to the cause.  HTH

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Jedi Knight Posted 26 Jan 2015 , 2:33pm
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AThere was no minimum bid allowed, and I set a six month expiration date.

All monies went to charity and, personally, I thought it was quite cheeky to pay so little.

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cakesbycathy Posted 26 Jan 2015 , 3:32pm
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I think you are setting yourself up for problems.  You are going to get somebody who is going to give you a hard time about how  many fondant decorations they can get and so forth.


I usually donate a $25 gift certificate good towards the purchase of cake or cupcakes (minimum order of 2 dozen).


Info on the certificate includes:

my contact info, including my website

requires at least 2 weeks notice

delivery not included

subject to availability

expiration date (usually 6 months from the time I donate the certificate)


I have a minimum order amount of $50 so unless they are ordering some basic cupcakes the gift certificate usually only covers a portion of the order. 

I have turned down people before who have wanted to redeem their certificate on a weekend I am already booked.

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johnson6ofus Posted 27 Jan 2015 , 1:38am
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I have a concern about "simple decorations". Like a PP said, you may get some crazy person that wants a "simple" carved 3D car that shots sparks out the tailpipe. 


I would-

1. Donate  a smaller cake. Not many parties for 50-60. 

2. State- choose from the examples above or "baker's choice". That way YOU get to set the limits and won't spend 10 hours and 50 emails "designing" their free cake. 

3. I would specify "normally priced at $XXX" in the description but NOT in the "coupon" part at the bottom. People may believe they get 300 cupcakes instead for the $300 "value" (or whatever value they may put on it). 

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cakebaby2 Posted 27 Jan 2015 , 10:34am
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I did a similar thing some years ago and donated a wedding package of bouquets, bride/ 2 bridesmaids /MOB corsage.

I specified it would be fresh seasonal flowers hand tied in co-ordinating ribbon, I put a 12 month time limit on it and 2 weeks notice.

The organisation made £300.00 on it and I mopped up with the rest of the wedding flowers when they asked for the church, venue and groomsmen to be added at extra cost.

It can be lucrative.

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cakecrusaderma Posted 4 Feb 2015 , 4:59am
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Info on the certificate includes:

my contact info, including my website

requires at least 2 weeks notice

delivery not included

subject to availability

expiration date (usually 6 months from the time I donate the certificate)

I'm actually doing a similar donation for a charity auction this week. I'm making a wine bottle (in a crate) cake and including with it a gift certificate for $40 off of a future purchase. I figure that having the actual cake at the charity auction would be a nice way for people to see my work in person before bidding on the gift certificate..


Anyway I love cakesbycathy's point about availability. I didn't think to mention the two week notice requirement and adding "subject to availability" on the certificate. Good way to cover your butt so the GC holder doesn't get pissy if you're too busy to fill an order when they want to use it! 


As far as the original post I think the donation is a great idea but saying "simple decorations" can be creating a gray area.. Would you consider all of the decorations in the two tier cakes pictured on the voucher to be "simple"?  Maybe consider using a dollar amount towards a custom cake to eliminate any question of what's allowed on the cake and what's not.

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