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FromScratchSF Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 6:52pm
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So as several of you may have noticed, I have been asked by Cake Central to be one of their new instructors at the Cake Central 10 year anniversary party in Seattle.  It's a HUGE honor - and also the 1st time I'll be teaching a large group of people.  I came up with some classes, and the all day class is one that is using 2 techniques that I feel are pretty new and one that I've completely invented that will blow your brains.  At any rate, please ignore the biggest photo of me they could have possibly posted at the top of the page, but please give me some guidance... are these topics you'd want to even learn?  Is there a technique that you'd wanted to learn that I can build a class around for the future?  There are so many sources out there now for learning online but nothing replaces hands-on classes, so I want to make classes that people would actually want to take using tools you probably already have.  I hate classes that say you have to buy a laundry list of stuff you will probably never use again so I'm a big fan of multi purpose tools.  Anyway I mention this because it's my job to figure out how to use a handful of tools you probably already own in order to get the look we are going for, but ideas of what YOU really want would be awesome.  


And, you know, hopefully you all will be nice and constructive here... getting into teaching takes a lot of confidence, it's a lot of responsibility and it's really scary - I want to make sure that what I teach is new, inventive and different than everyone else and that ya'all will actually learn stuff you will actually use when you get home.  





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-K8memphis Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 7:13pm
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Wafer Paper Peony, Silver Leaf and Silk Screened Sugar Lace 

i mean absolutely cutting edge--it's what everybody wants to know

Ruffle Rosette Cake 


same same for this plus it will reach a wide range of decorators from the least experienced on up although it is a fairly well represented 'how to' on the web & all already--it's more normal and it's a good choice 


Striped Modeling Chocolate Wrapped Cake and Bow 

a lot of us might not realize the expertise it takes to get this right--i think this is your sleeper class--peeps might think oh yeah sure stripes whatever--but horizontal strips is a whole different animal--a much different skill to acquire--


but as far as take home use-ability --yes 


too bad it's in seattle--we're planning a trip to ca from socal to nappa 


i like your classes--i'd want in the first one 

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-K8memphis Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 7:24pm
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now this making me try & figure out, think through what your silk screening process involves...



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Faradaye Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 8:54pm
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ANumber 1 - that photo of you is gorgeous! You look so friendly and lovely and adorable!

Number 2 - those classes sound amazing. You are so right about hands on being the best way to learn. I look at the striped modelling chocolate and think the only conceivable way of possibly doing that is with textas. (Sorry, I think you call them sharpies?). So I would love to learn the technique. And all the others.

Congratulations on being asked to do this. I'm sure it will be a massive success.

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soldiernurse Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 9:26pm
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you look gorgeous!! sorry the classes aren't here..great topics though!

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MBalaska Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 9:40pm
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You took a nice photo.  The classroom thumbprints are very attractive and enticing.  Best Wishes.

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Gerle Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 9:49pm
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Oh, I wish I could attend those classes!  They ALL sound wonderful and all are something I'd love to learn....especially from you!  Especially the modeling chocolate.  I've been wanting to get into that medium but haven't tried it yet.  Wow!  What an opportunity.  I know you'll be wonderful at it. 

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Rosie2 Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 10:32pm
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Jennifer, I live in Seattle I must sign up!!! :smile: --- but yes, you do look beautiful in the picture! and all your classes sound awesome. I wish I could afford them ALL. But one thing I really (really!) wish to learn is how to work with silver leaf so, that's the class I will sign up to. This is a hands-on class right? I should be able to apply my own silver leaf?? Ok, thank you!!


Don't know how come I didn't know about these classes till now.

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kazita Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 10:45pm
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AWow impressive cakes

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Dayti Posted 10 Jan 2014 , 11:15pm
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Hi Jen, 


I would like you to come to Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) to teach the rice paper peony, silver leaf and silk screening technique class please!! I have friends with studios who bring tutors from all over the world to teach cutting edge techniques, such as these. At least then I could attend, since a trip to the States is impossible for me right now.


That being said, I also teach classes (don't quite have your skill set yet but I aim for the stars...!). Since you say you have never taught before, I am just wondering if the classes are practical, or just demonstrative masterclass types. If they are practical and each student will decorate a cake, I don't think the classes are long enough. It would be awful to run out of time especially on the first day where you are doing one after the other. I always calculate that someone takes double what I take for each step, if not longer (I have students, who are usually intermediate level, take 1 hour (seriously) to ganache a cake...it takes me 10 minutes tops). If you are just demonstrating, you obv know how long it takes so you should be ok. 


It's great that you have something to look forward to during your recovery, and you can plan properly between now and then. Make sure you have detailed notes beside you of what you are covering in the class. 


I wish you the best of luck - teaching is nervewracking but fun, I really hope you enjoy it! 


And seriously, if you would like to come to Spain, please PM me and I will put you in touch with my cake-buddy-cake-decorating-school-heroes over here. 

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FromScratchSF Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 12:55am
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Wow you are all being so kind!!!  Thank you so much!


These are hands-on classes.  Everything I believe is being provided, all you bring is a dummy covered in fondant and a few extra things (check class list for supplies).  I will demo my way of doing fondant on a dummy to shock, awe and show you how to do it my awesome way, but then we'll be getting straight to the how-to's of how to do these techniques and you do it on your dummy that already has fondant.  Both 1/2 day classes are cakes I can make in 1/2 hour so I hope students will have lots of time to do them!  The full day class I'm fairly certain we can fit it all in - I can silver leaf a 10" cake in about 20 minutes doing it my way.  The silk screening is so easy you'll freak and never want to stencil again.  I'm planning on spending the most time on the flower.  Its made very very much like I make a wired gumpaste peony and has just as many petals, along with a center, stamens, veined and the whole bit, but I think it can be done!


But if there are other things let me know!  You all are making me feel so positive!

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JWinslow Posted 11 Jan 2014 , 6:10am
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Hi Jen,


So good to have you back!


As far as the classes go. I would only choose two out of three.


Modelling Chocolate - I'm always up for learning anything new about modeling chocolate and I know you have extensive experience with the medium so I would love this one.

Wafer peony,silver leaf and silk screening are nice techniques to have in the toolbox.  Your wafer peony is gorgeous and would be plus for anyone.   Silver leaf is generally tough so this would be great.  I have some silk screens but have not played with them yet but I love the black lace.


The only reason I would not take the rosette class is because there are already many tutorials out there - that's not to say the class is not valuable because this technique would be easier to learn hands on.


You will be great at this.  You've always been so helpful to me and others -  It's a wonderful opportunity.


As far as other techniques, when I come across something interesting I will be sure to let you know and maybe you can develop it into another class down the road.

For example:  Water color technique on fondant



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