Wasc Keeps Sinking Please Help

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feliciatrujillo Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 5:09pm
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Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to say thank you to all of you.  I am new to decorating and I have found this site so very helpful.  All of my questions have been answered because of you.  Thanks :).  Here is my problem, I usually make all of my cakes from scratch, but I came across the WASC recipe posted by kakeladi, I tried it and fell in love with it.  Everyone that tasted it also fell in love with it as well, but the second time I made it it sunk in the middle so badly that after trimming it I could not get two layers out of it.  I thought maybe I did something wrong so I tried it again and the second cake sunk as well.  I got myself a oven thermometer thinking maybe it might be the oven, but it was not that.  I tried using the bake even strips and that didn't help on my third cake, it still sunk.  I looked back at previous posts and saw that other people had the same problem with their WASC cakes sinking as well and I saw that someone suggested putting a teaspoon of baking powder in the mix, I tried that and guess what?  The cake still sunk.  I am at a loss.  I need advise, could someone please help me?   

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kakeladi Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 11:09pm
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What size/shape pan are you using?  How long are you baking it?  At what temp?

Are you SURE you are following the directions - measuring right?  What is your elevation?  I have used this recipe at 10' and at 8500' elevations.  This may sound like I'm putting you through the wringer or don't believe you but it's the only way I can try to help.  I just don't remember ever having such a problem.

When you say it fell how much?  Is it just a slight depression?  I'd just let the filling cover it. 

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feliciatrujillo Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 11:47pm
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Hello, thank you for answering.  I used a two eight by two inch pans every single time.  I baked it at 300 for 25 min then bumped up the oven to 325 for another 25 min.  My elevation is 7000 feet.  The second cake fell, I mean fell, fell as in after I was done trimming it I could not get a second layer out of it.  After I put baking soda in the other cake it still sunk but not as bad, it was a slight depression.  My sister-in-law is having a baby shower and she tasted the first cake and also fell in love with your recipe as I did and she would like to have this cake for her shower.  Maybe I am off with my cooking time?

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ddaigle Posted 25 Feb 2013 , 12:28am
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Normally a cake that sinks in the center is under cooked.   If your cake is cooked thoroughly, the only other thing I can think of is the temperature of lower to higher.   I've never done this.  In fact, I do the opposite for my cupcakes.   Preheat to 350 and turn to 325 as soon as I put them in...but that is cupcakes.   Try cooking your cakes at a consistent temperature.   I bake my cakes at 325.   


I use the WASC recipe also, but not the "original" by kakeladi but I don't think that is the issue.   I'm leaning towards your temperature.

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feliciatrujillo Posted 25 Feb 2013 , 1:06am
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Hello ddaigle.  The cakes were all done in the middle.  I will cook my next cake at 325.  Thank you :)  My sister-in-laws shower is in April so I have time to make a lot of practice cakes.  (thank goodness because I need a lot of practice lol)

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kakeladi Posted 25 Feb 2013 , 5:48am
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Every oven IS different!  Some have a 'hot spot'; some *always* run low temp whereas others much too hot. 

It could very well be your oven, maybe combined with the elevation.  What works for one might not work for all.  You can see that by reading the comments after the recipe.

 You will have to work with your oven.  If  adding the extra baking soda &/or baking at 325 works better for you than by all means do that. BTW are you baking chocolate cakes?  Seems many have had similar problems with that flavor even though the recipe works well with ANY flavor. 

Also, the mixes are now smaller than what the recipe was designed for.  I have made some comments regarding this in the comment section.

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feliciatrujillo Posted 25 Feb 2013 , 11:36am
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I made white cakes with all of them.  White with raspberry filling (yum).  I do want to try making a chocolate cake and I read about adding cocoa powder along with the mix.  I will try that.  Thank you for your help.  I think your right, I do think my oven does have a hot spot in the back.  I just fell in love with your recipe and I want to continue using it.  I love the way the cakes taste, and so did everyone else that tasted it.  Thanks for posting it.

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