Transporting High Heel Cupcakes Question

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reginaherrin Posted 29 Dec 2012 , 8:11pm
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I made some high heel cupcakes a few weeks ago and the person ordering them sent her dad to pick them up.  When he got to her house only a few cupcakes where still together.  Apparently he isn't a great driver since most of them where just totally messed up.  Of course she understood that once they left my location I couldn't take responsibility for how the ended up but I did feel bad and offered her some free cupcakes.  I have made them before for my family and had to transport them about a hour away and only a few where broken.  I am just wondering if there was a safer way to transport them so if anyone has any tips or ideas please let me know.  Thanks.

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Dec 2012 , 11:44pm
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I don't know exactly what a high heeled cupcake is. But if it's cupcake with a shoe on top then something like this would be good.


Or if not please describe the high heel cupcake--is it in your pictures maybe?

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-K8memphis Posted 29 Dec 2012 , 11:50pm
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Wow what a whole lotta nice work on your website. But I din see any high heel cupcakes.


Did you mean cupcake boxes?

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reginaherrin Posted 29 Dec 2012 , 11:52pm
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Thanks so much K8memphis, I haven't had a chance to put them on my site yet (or even my computer, I'm a bit behind on pictures).  Here is an example of what I'm talking about (hopefully).




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-K8memphis Posted 30 Dec 2012 , 12:17am
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Oh Oh Oh omg Those are the cutest high heel cupcakes ever.


What a tragedy! Run a breathalizer on him--just kidding just kidding.


So yeah hmmm. I'd just add the cost of a thin piece of foam to the equation--cause that stuff is pricey. I'd make my own cardboard form like in the link with but with two holes, one for the toe and one for the heel to go through. I'd set that over the foam that has on big shallow hole and one little shallow hole for the  toe and heel respectively. Then I would also send two skewers on either side of the sole of the shoe through the box top and into the foam. Phew--lotta work.




Just have each one mounted on it's own cardboard under the cute doily and wrap each one in it's own paper towel that kind a crunches up around it. Like a food safe bubble wrap and pack them with an extra paper towel or pieces of waxed paper crunched up between each one.


Dang are those cute.


Do they come in a 10??? icon_biggrin.gif


And are the soles edible just curious.

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reginaherrin Posted 30 Dec 2012 , 12:26am
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I was thinking of the paper towel thing too so I will probably do something like that.  I need to get the pictures of my cupcakes and put them in my gallery cause they are very cute and I love doing them but they are a lot of work.  Everything on them is edible, the heel is a piruette and the soles are graham crackers. 

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-K8memphis Posted 30 Dec 2012 , 12:37am
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But I think securing them to a little board is essential for best security if using the paper towel idea. 


Or otherswise the more complicated way with the foam if you want to deliver them without a board.


Yes more pictures more pictures!!!


Y'know what--what about aluminum foil instead of paper towels--even more secure.

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mcchesney1 Posted 7 Mar 2013 , 2:13am
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those r so cute i made some for the first time today and i think they turned out pretty good

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JWinslow Posted 7 Mar 2013 , 4:46am
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Love the cupcakes.  I'm looking at one of my cupcake inserts (standard 1 doz. cardboard).  If you use these, you could use 2 holes per cupcake but you still would need to use tissue or paper towels around the heel And take the stress off the heel by wedging something under the sole - lift so the heel doesn't touch the bottom.  Just not sure -  I don't know what the sole of the shoe is made of so it's hard to say if it can be safely lifted.  This is how I would approach it cause I have the cardboard inserts - sorry if I'm not much help.

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Ducky316 Posted 7 Mar 2013 , 5:04am
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LOVE those cupcakes!!!!!!!!!! The best way I can think of to transport them is attatching them to a cake board with a little and I do mean a little royal icing just so they don't move, and then just use regular cake boxes...I would be so upset if I made these and they got screwed up! They're darling!!!!

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doodie68 Posted 14 Mar 2013 , 8:06am
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i have made those before and were transported about 30 minutes without (thank God) any tragedies. i secured them to the boad with icing and that was all. Just make sure that the graham cracker base is inserted enough in the cupcake and that the high heel is securely attached to the cracker also.

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