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ctackett Posted 24 Nov 2012 , 8:13pm
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This site has evolved so much since I first joined over ten years ago.   The talent and the cakes are so amazing!  I don't post my cakes on here any more b/c they don't measure up to the designs I see on here.  CUDOS CAKE CENTRAL!!!

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foodguy Posted 24 Nov 2012 , 9:30pm
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Originally Posted by ctackett 

This site has evolved so much since I first joined over ten years ago.   The talent and the cakes are so amazing!  I don't post my cakes on here any more b/c they don't measure up to the designs I see on here.  CUDOS CAKE CENTRAL!!!

And this is one of the issues that I find with Cake Central. Everyone of us had to learn and grow, but there is an ever-present tone on this sight that it's only for the most accomplished and the best of the best. I enjoy seeing the work of amateurs and non professionals. I feel that there are some wonderful ideas and thoughts not shared because many are made to feel that there work "doesn't measure up".......what a shame.

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carmijok Posted 25 Nov 2012 , 1:04am
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My cakes don't measure up to many of the professionals on here...but they are a heck of a lot better than when I first started here!   I never felt intimidated...primarily because it's how you learn to get better.  If you post a picture,  just put in your description that you want a critique and chances are you'll get all kinds of ideas on how to improve.   Otherwise most people won't say anything thinking it's going to hurt your feelings. 


This is also a fountain of inspiration as well.  Sometimes I've used an idea I've seen on a less-than-perfect cake because I liked their concept.  (always give credit when possible). 


It's true that so many cakes are looking more and more professional these days-- even from home bakers.  I think it's in large part due to all the new tools and easily accessible information available now. 


I say to anyone who thinks their cakes aren't good enough to post...don't be afraid!  You'll look back on all your efforts and see how much you've improved!

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remnant3333 Posted 25 Nov 2012 , 1:40am
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Don't feel alone because my cakes do not measure up either.  I have never taken lessons so I am pretty much an amateur trying to learn from all of these with more knowledge than me!!! 


I am pretty sure that you decorate a lot better than you think!!!  Normally the person who decorates will see more flaws than anyone else. Actually, I am my worst enemy when it comes to that.  I have never made fondant and stick with butter cream. I also have never made royal icing.  Compared to the people on here I fail pretty much a lot at my cakes. I have issues trying to level them out. I finally bought a leveler so the last cake I made turned out better.  If anyone makes blunders I am the main one!!!! I have read all about fondant and royal icing but my family prefers butter cream.  Pretty much people that I know don't like fondant or royal icing!!! I am sure there are some who love it.


Keep your faith because I have a feeling that you decorate just fine!!! I have posted my cake pictures and a lot of them are not very good but I don't let that stop me because practice and more practice helps me. So hang in there and be PROUD of what you make!!!!  Some of mine turn out okay and others not so okay but I just keep muddling right through it. I don't do cakes for a living but mainly for a few kids in the neighborhood who would not have a cake at all if I did not make them. Also for my family I make some cakes but I am very inexperienced!!!

Hang in there!!!

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soledad Posted 25 Nov 2012 , 1:58am
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I am an amateur also... but I have never felt intimidated by the better decorators or the professionals that post their cakes. I love to see their work and some of them give descriptions as to how they had acomplished a certain technique or they answer one of the questions in the comments for which I am grateful!.  I think  we should all feel good about how far we have come and how much better our cakes are now! Every year I make about 12 cakes , I started in Oct 2008 and I still have a lot to learn and practice, but every year my cakes look better and better! Do not get discourage by someone else's work, just enjoy it! and practice , practice, practice!!!icon_smile.gif





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cazza1 Posted 16 Dec 2012 , 9:02am
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As a hobby decorator I only do about 12 cakes a year and only if I make a real effort and make cakes just because I feel like it. I learned 22 years ago but have just come back after a 10 year hiatus in which we were lucky to get a Christmas cake.  I find my standard varies enormously from as good as the best to those bad days when all you can say is "oh well" and think "isn't is lucky that I am not being paid for this cake.  I don't let it get me down too much.  I find visiting this site really inspirational, though it is easy to sit and look at cakes all day rather than actually doing them.  As said above technique does not have to be spot on to insipre others, quite often it is the idea.  Keep posting.  Then more amateurs will be encouraged to have a go.

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ctackett Posted 9 Jan 2013 , 2:04am
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AI forgot about posting this. I enjoyed all the replies I have actually been decorating since I was 17 I am now 51. I just did my best ever wedding cake I to love allot the beautiful cakes on here and when I get an order for something challenging I come here quite often

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