Contacted Pillsbury About Smaller Cake Mix Boxes

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jason_kraft Posted 2 Aug 2012 , 2:17am
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Originally Posted by LKing12

jason_kraft Bakemark in OH, the closest distributor called and "Jeff" their rep was going to email me details and an application-that was six weeks ago. I called him back a month ago and the phone is no longer in service and their website/fax is not working.

I just checked the phone number for the Cincinnati BakeMark, (513) 870-0880, and it seems to be working. It's possible the rep you were talking to left the company (or was fired for not getting back to potential customers).

FYI, I did not need to establish an account or fill out any applications at my local BakeMark since I was picking up the item and paying cash.

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throwingsugar Posted 2 Aug 2012 , 2:39am
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Originally Posted by scp1127

Wedding cake bakers are not their target market. Their market is the mom who wants to make a cake or cupcakes for her family.

They adjusted their size because they had no choice. It was the right move for their company. They still want that market of the casual family baker and in order for her to put that box mix in her cart, the price needed to be competitive and stay affordable.

With rising food prices, comanies have balanced raising prices with lower volume. This is not going to change.

Look my problem is that the cake is not baking properly, I understand who their target is but I promise you if a "regular" mom buys this new mix and takes it home thinking she is going to make some cupcakes for her kids, she too will be standing the kitchen crying at the mess! The difference is she is going to think she did something wrong or think she can't even make a simple box of cupcakes for her family. ave no problem with the smaller size I have a problem with the fact that it is not baking properly! They need to go back to the drawing board on this one!

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scp1127 Posted 2 Aug 2012 , 3:45am
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throwingsugar, these sizes have been out for awhile now. I have seen the threads for months. Others are not reporting failed cakes. They are sharing new recipes and amounts for the doctored cakes that they use in their business or hobby.

When I post, I do not address one post unless I single it out like above. My post was an observation on the economics of the time and the company's choice in changes that were a necessity.

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kelleym Posted 2 Aug 2012 , 3:47am
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The Pillsbury switch is brand new. So new that most stores in my area still have stock of the old sizes. While the Betty Crocker reformulation did not seem to affect quality, the Pillsbury reformulation certainly has.

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porcelindoll Posted 6 Aug 2012 , 5:03am
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Has anyone ever tried the cake mix from Country Kitchen? They have white, yellow and chocolate 18 oz cake mixes. I used to live near their store, but now I have to order online from them and don't want to place an order just for cake mix.

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diannethecakelady Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 2:00am
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In response to a letter I sent regarding the newly reformulated cake mixes that were introduced in July, the Smuckers® company, owners of Pillsbury®, has responded and invited me to meet with their marketing and research and development teams in October. While the company knew that many bakeries buy their wholesale bulk cake mix for volume production work, they were surprised to learn that so many small home businesses and bakeries used the 18.25 oz. boxed cake mixes for their cakes. They assumed that grocery store sales reflected household consumers, and the outpouring of unhappy responses they received from business owners regarding the new product was unexpected. In an effort to give them a more accurate picture of how we use cake mixes in our cake decorating businesses, Id appreciate your feedback in the following questionnaire if youd like to participate. Feel free to sign your name or reply anonymously, and thanks so much for your response!
Sincerely, Dianne Rockwell

I've invited you to fill out the form Cake Mix Survey. To fill it out, visit:

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LKing12 Posted 26 Sep 2012 , 2:29pm
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Now, if someone could get Duncan Hines to be concerned about their inferior, reformulated mix I would be a happy baker. They seem to be clueless!
Thanks for your help.

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bvwilliams Posted 11 Oct 2012 , 5:28pm
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Originally Posted by jason_kraft

As mentioned in another thread, cake mixes marketed at professional customers are another option. For example, you can be sure that the size and formulation of Pillsbury's Gold Medal 5# cake mixes will never change since so many professional bakeries rely on them.

Where can you buy Pillsbury Gold Medal 5# cake mixes?

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Judyn210 Posted 5 Nov 2012 , 12:34am
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AThe last two cakes I baked using Pillsabury cake mix were so flat I was embarrassed to serve them. I'm not a novice, I've been baking cakes using their mixes for 55 years and this is the first time I've ever had a problem. Believe me, the moms and grandmas out here are just as proud of the cakes they make as a professional baker. We are the professional bakers for our families. What's more important than that? How do I remedy this 'flat cake' situation?

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rdiazgreenberg Posted 6 Nov 2012 , 5:17am
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You can buy it at Amazon. com. I just purchased some but have not tried it yet. The box does not have directions for smaller cakes so the proportions will need to be figured out before I can use it.

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rdiazgreenberg Posted 6 Nov 2012 , 5:24am
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I have been experimenting with different brands due to the same problem. This is a solution I found at another site but I have not made it yet because I have not been able to locate Duncan Hines French vanilla cake mix. Last night I was able to order it from a website so once I receive it I will try it.


"I had to bake a double recipe of WASC last night.  This is what I did different with excellent results.  I used DH French Vanilla (is my favorite and it is still 18.25)  I purchased two 3.4 oz of vanilla puding mix and added 2 tablespoon of 'extra' all purpose flour, I only use buttermilk (for my liquid) the rest of ingredients as the WASC calls for.  I got perfect leveled cakes, beautiful color and NO HOLES>>> yeeeh.  

Now, I usually do the DH French Vanilla, and when I did WASC (as indicated) I was getting those holes (and this is the one flavor that is still 18.25) so that means the mixes have been altered or reformulated even if the size is the same."

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hamlet4096 Posted 6 Nov 2012 , 2:48pm
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i am weighing it out seems to work for me with my wedding cakes.

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Annabakescakes Posted 6 Nov 2012 , 3:31pm
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ABake mark is a complete PITA to get a hold of. It took 5 days for them to get back with me, after I found a fax machine..(thought I was going to have to invent the time machine before I could fax it back) . Their ordering system and customer service is from 1985. They will email you a PDF application, which you have to print, fill out and fax back :eyeroll: Then, 5 days later, you get a phone call from some weirdo who you then have to call to place your order. No online ordering, and no price list!!! I got a 35 page PDF full of consonants jumbled together... No descriptions, pictures or prices. Several of the items I was wondering about are discontinued, while several items he told me about are new and haven't been added. They "may add them next year" , until then, you have to just ask for it by name.... Then, I drive up there, tell them my sales rep called in an order, and tell them who I am. I wait 15 minutes for them to get the pricing and print out an invoice, then wait 20 minutes for them to pull it, and after I WRITE A CHECK!!! or give them cash NO CREDIT OR DEBIT!!! then I can drive around back and wait another 10-15 minutes so they can put it in my van. There have been many times I am up there for well over an hour.

They have commercial DH mixes in white, yellow and chocolate, and also trans fat free. The white is white and fluffy and soft, and insubstantial. you add your own eggs, water and oil. The chocolate is dense and dry, and reddish.

The pillsbury white is soft and slightly chemically and vaguely yellow, you just add water and oil, eggs are in it. The chocolate is softer and fluffier and a rich hershey brown.

The DH is about $75 a 50lb bag. Pillsbury is about $65 a 50 lb bag. Prices fluctuate because these are "commodities" :eyeroll:

I have resigned myself to buying both chocolate and white in both brands. Mixing them together gets my customers what they are used to. For my white, I use 3lbs DH, and .5 lbs pillsbury, all egg white. For yellow, I use Pillsbury and DH, and use yolks for the eggs. For my apple spice, I use Pillsbury and a DH spice cake from the store. For pumpkin, I use Pillsbury and DH white with a DH spice..:. I have a chart I made to break down the ingredients into half, 1, 2, and 3.5 LB batches, and posted it on my fridge in my mixing area. Yes, it is a PITA!!!! I would kiss the Pilsbury people right on the mouth if they would go back to their regular mixes, or make it available in a 50 pound bag! ( I have very fresh breath, and am a good kisser;-D lol! )

Their domino powdered sugar is LUMPY!!! And must be sifted. I threw away a pound of lumps after I sifted them all out.

They have a brand of cake mix in the $58 range that tastes like how semen smells... I do not recommend it!! Blarg!!!

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MelaMang75 Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 1:53am
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AI realize that DH has reduced theirs just as Pilsbury has, but I had to quit using Pilsbury all together. They would look great when I brought them out of the oven, then I'd come back, after cooling, to remove them from the pans and they had collapsed! DH doesn't do this for me. I used only Pilsbury for years!!! I contacted them and told them my problems, and that I was going to quit using their mixes. In a nut shell, they didn't care! So I now use only DH. The dark chocolate fudge tastes so much better than Pilsbury anyway :)

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remnant3333 Posted 24 Feb 2013 , 2:03am
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They may not care now but when they realize they have lost millions of dollars from lack of cake sales they may care later. I will never buy any cake boxes again!!! I have started to make mine from scratch only. 

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BuffytheBakingSlayer Posted 9 Mar 2013 , 12:21pm
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I don't see where the recipes posted have been adjusted to account for this size change.  I am fearful of trying any of the recipes that are older than this change for fear they won't work properly.

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Heygal Posted 8 Apr 2013 , 10:07pm
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I just found this thread when I went to the internet to see if anyone else was having trouble with Pillsbury since the change in the size of the cake mix.  I own a bakery and have forever used  9 boxes of the 18.25 oz size of Pillsbury to mix a batch in my 20 quart hobart.  But you guys are correct in saying that something has changed as well about the formula of the mix.  I am still struggling to come up with something halfway presentable to the patrons of my business.  I am having to add cake flour, sugar and baking powder and it has to be mixed very thoroughly and carefully by my bakers to come to any point acceptable by me.  This takes much more time and effort as well as expense and it is still not as good as using the cake mix alone as it was before all the changes were made.


As far as the huge 50# bag that I can get from Bake Mark.  This one has changed as well.  It used to be a very good one in the 50 # bag, but this one has changed in that it is very, very salty.  The rise is good on it, but it tastes like you are eating salty bread.


I have a cakecentral account or membership, but I don't come here often, so if anyone finds out anything that will get us back closer to the old cake mix, please let me know.  I will be checking in a little more.  Glad I found this thread!

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tshores Posted 17 May 2013 , 5:33pm
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They have white and devil's food cake mix at TBK, The Baker's Kitchen. Haven't tried either, but the white has great reviews; the other only has 1 review. You can order 2.5 pounds or a 25 pound bucket. I'm going to order some of each to try it out.

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deetmar Posted 28 Aug 2017 , 5:25pm
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I haven't been taking much lately but had a granddaughters birthday this past weekend.  Lots of problems with Pillsbury. I have used it in the WASC for years.  My first came and cupcakes fell, re -baked the cake using two nails in 7" pan and adjusted the time.   Came out better.  Did 5 Dozen Cupcakes and thought everything was Okay  They Tasted Awful. First Time People Didnt Eat My Cake  So Embarrassed  don't know what to do now. Any suggestions?  

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kakeladi Posted 28 Aug 2017 , 8:01pm
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We all suffer embarrassment when something goes wrong.  Sorry you had such a bad time.  All I can suggest is use Betty Crocker mix.  That's what I have used 99.9% of the time.

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