Screwed Over Again

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Honeybees Posted 19 Dec 2011 , 4:35am
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Im started to think I have MUG wrote across my four head.
I made some cupcakes last night and decided to auction them off on my FB page. Its been popular in the past so I thought I'd give it a shot.
Anyway I made 12 cupcakes and 1 lady took 6 and I posted that I only had 6 left.
One lady had previously offered 75c per cupcake. Then i had higher bids and she bidded $20 for all 6. So i said yes to her. Went to deliver them today and she not only arrives 20 mins late to meet me but hands me $5 saying thats what she offered me. I told her I believe it was $20 and she started to go on about how they are for the church and that the last cake I made here wasn't enough to go around (not my problem she got what she asked for) so she wants to share the cupcakes out between the kids there blah blah blah. Bare in mind last time I delivered a cake to her she said deliver it at noon. I waited AN HOUR and she didn't show then at 2pm she arrives and shorts me $20 on the cake!!!
Anyhoo back to the cupcakes.. She eventually gave me a gift card with $8 on it (plus the $5) and I decided to take it and just have done with it.
When i got home to check to see if I was wrong about the amount she bidded (I'm sure I'm not) she had deleted her comment on how much she offered so it looked like she offered just 75c and I agreed.
So now I feel awful, I dont know if I should offer to send her the gift card back because I cant prove she bidded what she did or if I should Just leave it for now.
*Rant over*

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mplaidgirl2 Posted 19 Dec 2011 , 4:58am
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Don't feel bad. Shes trying to pull a quick one...
Also check your email if you get updates there.. Even if she deleted it you should still have it there.

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sillywabbitz Posted 19 Dec 2011 , 5:41am
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You need to stop doing business with this person. Once they figure out they can take advantage of you and not value your work and your time it's only going to go downhill from there. If she orders from you again, I would tell her you don't have any openings.

Cute idea to auction off your cupcakes. I never thought about it, but I always want to experiment with a design etc but I don't want to have cupcakes just to have them..a little facebook auction is a great idea. You get to build your portfolio, keep your name out there and at least cover your cost.

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Honeybees Posted 19 Dec 2011 , 7:16am
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I emailed her after i ranted on here a little. She admitted to offering $20 but said it was for ALL of them (she knew it wasn't for all) She said she doesn't know where the comment went.. I'm calling BS on that one.
I totally agree with you sillywabbitz I will NOT be doing anything for her again.

The auction idea works really well normally. I enjoy baking and coming up with new designs that people don't normally request, rather than feeding all the cupcakes to my husband or his squadron I Auction them, its definitely worth doing. Just don't make the mistake I did. Plus it helps me figure out what people are willing to pay.

Im going to see if I can get updates to my email in future from my FB so this doesnt happen again. I stopped them a while back because it floods my inbox!

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Claire138 Posted 19 Dec 2011 , 7:54am
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You should make a separate email addresse for your Facebook account. I have 2 addresses, one for family and one for facebook. If you have a mac you can put them both under mail so you don't have to keep opening the internet to check bc they go into separate in boxes.

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Honeybees Posted 19 Dec 2011 , 9:57am
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Claire138 thats not a bad idea at all.

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Adevag Posted 19 Dec 2011 , 12:19pm
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I bet when she was able to cut $20 off of the price of her cake and still get it, that it motivated her to try it again for the cupcakes. Too bad it worked for her both times...

I'm glad to read you will no longer keep her as your customer. She obviously doesn't respect much when she on top of not having the money, arrived late cost you so much time.

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Claire138 Posted 19 Dec 2011 , 4:22pm
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Originally Posted by Honeybees

Claire138 thats not a bad idea at all.


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TexasSugar Posted 20 Dec 2011 , 3:44pm
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Next time when you comment with an I agree. I would list out all the information. Something like "The 6 remaining cupcakes go to PersonA for $20." That away even if they delete their comments, yours is still there. If they 'thought' they were bidding for something else, then they would have a chance at that moment to say so.

As far as this woman, people can't take advantage of you unless you let them. This woman has proven twice that she can't show up at the agreed meeting time (so she doesn't value your time) and she tries to get the item for less (she doesn't value your time or talent).

As far as what people are willing to pay, to me while it sorta matters what people are willing to pay, in the end the cost of the cost of the cake has to be based off of other things. Such as how much it costs you to make it, your time involved, and the profit you want.

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dldbrou Posted 20 Dec 2011 , 11:22pm
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So is her church okay with her lying and stealing? I would put her on the no more for you list pronto.

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