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cakedesigner59 Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 12:19pm
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the latest photo I uploaded into my pictures is a cake I made for a friend turning 70 (his wife ordered it as a surprise). It's not a "disaster" in the true sense of the word, because the cake (as far as I know) was fine. I just spelled his name wrong. She paid me for the cake by leaving a thank you note and check at my house, and that's when I learned I had spelled his name wrong (she put his name correctly spelled in the card). She said he will never forget it the cake. I guess not. Turning 70 and someone spells your name wrong on the cake! My question to you all: Should I refund the whole thing (send her back the check) or should I cash it and keep $$ just for materials? What would you do? I literally felt sick to my stomach when I realized what I had done. Thanks (PS by the way, she never mentioned that I spelled his name wrong).

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tiggy2 Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 12:38pm
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Did she spell his name for you or just tell you his name was John?

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Mexx Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 12:39pm
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When the order was placed did she give you anything with the correct spelling on the cake? Did you give her an invoice that showed what was to be written on the cake? If not, you spelled "John" using the most common spelling; anyone would assume this unless you'd been told otherwise. However, this was your friend so I guess they're thinking you'd know how to spell his name.

If there was something written between you that had his name written correctly, then I'd offer a small refund. If there wasn't anything, then I'd call her and tell her that you never realized John spelled his name differently and apologize for the error.

The fault here lies with you both...her for not telling you that her husband has an unusual spelling of his name and you for not confirming it with her when she placed the order.

All, in all, it's not a major issue. He's probably very used to it.

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cutiger Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 12:40pm
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One thing I do isto have clients spell the name in manuscript for me. So far, it has worked well. If you feel this badly about it, give the lady a call and apologize. You can offer maybe a refund of half the cost. The cake was beautiful so I don't think I would refund all the cost. Good luck and don't be so hard on yourself!

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matthewkyrankelly Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 1:15pm
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It really was a nice cake.

That probably happens all of the time. His spelling must be the more unusual.

If it was assumed that you knew how to spell it, I would probably call or stop by with a neighborly baked good and have a laugh about it.

The ironic part was the Bible verse about the name.

This probably feels more embarrassing than it is. I'm sure they are unconcerned.

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tiptop57 Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 1:37pm
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Eeeeck - reminds me of that Food Network's Sweet 16 Cake Challenge where one of the contestants spelt the girls name wrong. Oh the camera close-ups. ((( icon_eek.gif )))

"Nothing is sweeter than the sound of a persons own name.

IMHO: If you make a mistake and admit it, and fix it. In this instance I would refund part of the money as it is good customer service.

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cakedesigner59 Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 2:10pm
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I must clarify (I misled you all). It's a long story, and my post was already long, so I didn't go into detail. What happened was....I spelled the name as JOHN, then (for some unknown reason), 10 minutes before delivery, I get it in my own head that I misspelled his name! I am baffled as to what got into me, I'm blaming menopause. Anyway, I took the picture before I changed it. I made the name JON (hubby thought it was JON too, and he plays golf with the guy). I know I've seen it spelled JON somewhere, but it must have been misspelled there too. Anyway, I was the one who used the unusual spelling. I'm not really in the cake business (I closed my business last year) and I only do cakes for people in the neighborhood (maybe 5 times a year at most). No contract.

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TexasSugar Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 6:06pm
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I have a brother's who's name is Cris (no h) and my name is Tracy, (no e, ie or i), so I tend to be careful about spelling people's names. If I'm doing a cake, I always try to check the spelling, even if I am sure I have it correct.

Honestly though, I'm not sure I feel like one letter could ruin a cake, and to me it certainly doesn't require a full refund. If I got an cake with an extra e added to my name, I wouldn't freak out about it.

If you want to be nice, you can give her something back, even if it is a card that says, "I'm sorry I realized I spelled John's name wrong." I'd probably include a gift card for some coffee, or somewhere else he might like, but I'd only do it for like $10 or so dollars. It shows that you are sorry, that you thought about it, and you wanted to do something to make it up to them.

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Kaykaymay Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 6:51pm
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Yes I think you should address the error and give a small refund.

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cakedesigner59 Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 8:43pm
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Thanks, all. I only charged $50.00 so I guess I'll give her $25.00; that covers my ingredients.

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mariacakestoo Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 9:00pm
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So what will prevent this in the future, is collecting payment first (you should do this anyways) and having a contract/order form that the customer signs.

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cakedesigner59 Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 9:19pm
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This was a friend, not a "customer" and I'm not in business (read my original post). the only thing that will prevent this in the future is me double-checking and taking hormone replacement for my menopause brain.
It was my stupidity, plain and simple

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luddroth Posted 4 Aug 2011 , 9:21pm
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My name is Cathy and I've received so many notes, cards, gifts, letters, etc over the years for Kathy, that it barely registers any more. Seriously, I sign emails "Cathy" and get replies to "Kathy". Seeing "Kathy" on my birthday cake would make me laugh and shrug my shoulders -- don't beat yourself up about it. I think it's very nice of you to offer the refund, but if I were "John" I wouldn't take it....

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