2 Cakes, 1 Abcess, And The Baby Chokes (Long)

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amygortoncakes Posted 25 Jun 2011 , 10:54pm
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So really I couldn't have made this up if I tried.

My sister has always been one to remind everyone 6 months in advance that her birthday is coming. This year she turns 30 so she threw herslef a party and hired a caterer etc ( They can't afford cable tv, but they foudn $600 to cater this event,....stange I know)

I had two cakes to make for this weekend. A Monster themed cake and my sister's 30th Birthday Cake. My Mother takes my 2 boys to Legoland for the day because I am single and planned on baking/decorating all day and then heading over to my sister's house to decorate cupcakes.

Well I get through one cake, my tooth starts hurting, I take tylenol, it still hurts. Then my cheeck starts getting puffy and swelling. So by this time my motivation is tapering out...my sister keeps checking in to see when I was going to get to her house to frost the cupcakes. And she wants photo updates of all the progress on her cake. Its 3 ters and I was handmolding all the things she likes ( package of oreos, books, camera, sewing machine) SO it is beyond tedious and its eating up the time.

Mind you I am just squeezing swirls on like 50 cupcakes and it will take 15 minutes at the most. I ask her if I could just do it the next morning at the site of the party because I was getting there 2 hours early anyways to find parking and set up....but no that was not acceptable. Oh and she also has to have a my craft table that night so I end up having to wait until my Mom returns so I can use my van to get it there. Anyways, I continue working my face keeps swelling, and now I look like a chipmunk.

My Mom gets home with the kids, my youngest isn't feeling great, and just wants me. I call my sister and say that me and Charlie are on our way and she FREAKS out because earlier in the day I had mentioned that he wasn't feeling 100 %. So she flies off the handle because she is such a great parent that she can't allow him in her house in case he contaminates the place and gets her 8 month old baby sick.

In that moment I relived a ton of posts on here about standing up for yourself and not being taken advantage of...so i hung up and turned the phone off and let her decorate her own damn cupcakes. ( I still don't know what they look like)

So this morning, I decide to call and just double check the plans and she says that we can't come to the party if anyone is sick! So I said fine with me, I don't need to drag two toddlers to the beach on a crowded Saturday morning so come and get your &^%$# cake or its being tossed on the main road in front of my house. I really did say that. And I really wanted to toss it out there too.

Needless to say my face has swollen to the point that I was headed to the ER anyways. I pack the kids up and off we go to the ER to get antibiotics etc. We get home, we all lay down for a nap and I get an email from my other sister Jen at the party ( who ended up coming over to get the cake and table this am) that the original sister Katies baby choked on a Gerber dissolvable star and that she stuck her finger down his throat so hard he started vomitting and bleeding and that they called the fire dept. and he was taken to the hospital where he is fine and recovering with no additional problems.

So I am sitting here, nursing water and vicodin , reading this thinking I couldn't have wirtten this weekend any better myself. UNBELIEVABLE!

Oh and via Jen everyone loved the cake, strangers were even coming over to take a look. I haven't posted pics yet..wonder why???

If only I was there at the party i could have met a hot fireman....darn.

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ConfectionsCC Posted 25 Jun 2011 , 11:14pm
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hahahahahahahahhaah I AM SO SORRY!!!! But you could not have made up something better, or worse, than that! I started having an anxiety attack today after being told that I had today to clear out my entire car port and utility room because my contractor would be here monday to start on the bakery!!! icon_surprised.gif Needless to say...things could be worse! Enjoy your pain killers and hope you start feeling better soon! icon_wink.gif

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Texas_Rose Posted 26 Jun 2011 , 12:18am
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I'm glad you went to the ER. You can die from an abcess like that if it goes untreated too long.

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tokazodo Posted 26 Jun 2011 , 12:48am
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There are times that we try to play 'Super Mom', and try to make everyone happy.
It's very difficult to do when we are not feeling well.
I hope the antibiotics start working soon. An abscessed tooth can hurt very badly.

I hope you get some rest.

Be well, take care of yourself because of you don't, nobody else is going to do it for you!


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cms2 Posted 26 Jun 2011 , 1:29am
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I feel for you. There is NO pain like tooth pain. I don't know how you managed to finish the cake! Hopefully you can relax now and will be feeling better soon. (((((hugs)))))

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creativethoughts Posted 26 Jun 2011 , 1:59am
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Wow! That's awful about your abscess and the baby choking, glad that your both ok!

But your sister sounds like she needs an attitude check, and maybe to be treated more like a client when your making cakes for her and not a sister. I think that if I had all that going on then I would just have to tell her that it would get done when it got done and not a moment sooner no matter how much she txt's and nag's.

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cakesbycathy Posted 26 Jun 2011 , 2:08am
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Congratulations for standing up for yourself!! We are proud of you! thumbs_up.gif

Hope everyone feels better soon!

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Kitagrl Posted 26 Jun 2011 , 2:19am
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I can't stand people who feel like nobody with germs are allowed at her house. Somebody needs to tell her that the most contagious people are those who don't know they're sick yet. haha. I bet her baby still gets a cold from somebody at the party.

Regardless, you probably needed a reason to stay home and REST!!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!!!

I am glad the baby is okay too....choking is the scariest!

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LindseyLoocy Posted 26 Jun 2011 , 2:34am
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Wow! I've had an abscess tooth and wouldn't wish that on ANYONE! Worst pain in my life (I haven't experienced childbirth yet, but so far, the worst, lol).

Kudos to you, though for hanging up on her and telling her how it is!

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ufo9978 Posted 26 Jun 2011 , 2:53am
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You go girl!!!!! Your sister hasn't realized your hard work but don't worry as long as you appreciate yourself it all good. I am glad baby is ok but is that karma?????

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