6.17.11 Friday Night Cake Club

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leah_s Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 2:30am
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is called to order.

Who's up?
Whatcha workin' on?

Anybody need any brainstorming for problem solving? There are usually several people on this thread to help solve problems.

And all you regular lurkers, stop being shy. Check in even if you're not actively caking. If you're surfing CC, you're a member of the FNCC.

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ramie7224 Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 2:41am
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I'm working on fondant/gumpast toppers for a baby shower cake next weekend. I've finished a diapered duck, now I have to work on his buddies: a bunny, a cat, and some blocks and blankies. It's going to be a two tiered cake and I'm thinking of quilting one of the tiers. Since this is a gift and I have freedom with design elements, I'm thinking of trying out a new technique or two. Someone put a really good tutorial for billowing on here that I may give a go.

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cakesbyk2 Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 2:45am
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I was waiting for someone to open Friday night club! I'm just a hobby baker but I love to read all the posts. I'm usually busy on Friday nights during the school year (work in athletics) so summers I get to read on Friday nights. Made a cake for my niece's bday last week. It was my first try with ganache. Chocolate cake with strawberry cream filling, covered in white chocolate ganache. It turned out great. My daughter tasted it and said it was the best cake I have ever made. icon_biggrin.gif She is pregnant with her first baby and we are patiently waiting for baby Taylor Aubrey to make her debut! (my 4th grandbaby) Everyone have a great weekend!

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SweetSouthernBakery Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 2:49am
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I'm making an alligator cake (more than a little nervous about it!!!) and an angry birds cake. Both for tomorrow and running out of time. And yet am I in the kitchen working? NO! I'm on here. LOL. Well actually I'm just waiting on the cakes to cool so I can start carving. Any tips on carving for the alligator would be great icon_smile.gif

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coleslawcat Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 2:52am
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I'm just a hobby baker too. Tonight I plan to test out the WASC recipe using the gluten free Betty Crocker mixes. I have no idea how this experiment will go, but I am curious to find out. I usually bake fropm scratch but all the WASC raves peaked my interest.

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leah_s Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 2:54am
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@ramie, a diapered duck! That I want to see.

@cakesbyk2, I always call the FNCC to order between 10:30 and 10:45 Eastern Time. I even called us to order once while I was on a cruise ship in the ocean of Alaska.

I have two new tricks to disclose tonight!!!

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crushed Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 2:58am
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I'm working on a sheet cake for a baptism, a cupcake order and a cookie order for this weekend. I also have a bridal consultation tomorrow morning.

I have to figure out how to quote this bride for 17 individual cakes for her wedding plus a cutting cake.

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peetz Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:00am
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Just finished a two tiered cake, margarita with lime curd on the bottom and mud slide on the top. I made one of those huge bows there was a discussion about last week. A surprise for a fellow RN I went to school with. She loved it. I really need to upload a picture. I have lego cake for my sons 9th birthday the 9th of next month and a castle cake for my daughter, who's birthday is on the same day![/img]

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DSmo Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:02am
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Working on a bridal shower cake due tomorrow morning... I'll be up all night : (

Fondant isn't cooperating, buttercream is too soft from the heat (even though I have a/c) and I've just about had it with slippery fruit filling! But hey, it's cake and it'll be great. And the little flip-flops I'm making for the top are ADORABLE!

I'll check back in with you all a little later. Happy caking!

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pieceacake830 Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:03am
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Well, I got myself in over my head. Again. 7 cakes between today and tomorrow. Ugh! I hate it when that happens.... I should really pay better attention to my order book, and not take on so many orders for 1 week. I have 6 done, and 1 more to go. My feet are killing me! I've been working for just about 16 hours straight now, with 2 quick breaks for lunch and dinner...I had 1 birthday, 1 engagement , 1 bridal shower, 3 graduations, and 1 four tier wedding cake... which one have I not done yet? The wedding cake of course! I supposed I should get off the 'puter, and g start making sugar flowers.... Its gonna be a loooong night!

leah_s Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
leah_s Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:06am
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Geez, pieceacake!!! We're here for you.

I just have two wedding cakes this weekend, both little three tiers. One for tomorrow, will be done soon and one for Sunday.

peetz Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
peetz Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:06am
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I watched a video for The Mat, is it really as awesome as it looks? I have a small marble block that I roll my fondant on, gets sticky and hard to work at times, I am thinking if this is all it's cracked up to be it would work great on my wooden table. Can't roll fondant on my wooden table. icon_surprised.gif(

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Jamielc Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:09am
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Hello everyone and happy Friday!
I haven't been around in a couple of weeks, been too busy!

No cakes this weekend, but I have a graduation cake next Sunday. A sports theme. I'm looking forward to the design I've created. It's got just enough challenge in it to whet my creative appetite. It's inspired from a design I saw on here.

Best of luck to everyone with cakes this weekend!

~ Jamie

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ramie7224 Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:16am
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@ peetz - If I need a big-ish piece of fondant I don't have a choice but to roll it out on my wooden table....My counter space is virtually non-existent. I just rub the table down with a liberal amount of shortening and a little cornstarch and roll away. It's not ideal, but it's what I've got!

SweetSouthernBakery Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
SweetSouthernBakery Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:19am
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Peetz The Mat is amazing!!! I have to good fortune of living about an hour away from Sweetwise (the people that invented and sell The Mat) and have fallen in love with both the store and the mat. It makes covering cakes in fondant so easy. I was always nervous to try fondant until I discovered it. I makes things a piece of cake. Well worth the investment.

peetz Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
peetz Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:22am
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My wooden table is pitted and I used in my craft room so there is paint, polymer clay and who know what on it. I will not roll dough on it either, just don't know what is still left in the wood. I have tried to cover it with plastic wrap or parchment paper but it is just to hard to keep it in place. My counter top is bigger but I have to use a step stool, I am short and have high counters.

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cheriej Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:24am
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I'm just working on a new recipe for orange dreamsicle - yes I've already checked here but I do think I've found a better version. then meeting with a charity next week to determine how many thousands of cookies they need this summer - at least this year I get to use their commercial kitchen with a 20qt mixer!

also, I'm going to remodel my kitchen - just getting new appliances. I wonder if anyone has a blodgett oven for their home. I just wonder how practical it would be for a home. It seems to be an awesome baking oven but what about when I have to make my husband dinner? I have a double oven and I was going to get a Thermador. Do the double doors on the blodgett bother anyone? Seems like it would be a pain to have to always have both hands to open it up.

ramie7224 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
ramie7224 Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:26am
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Leah S- I'm trying to upload my diapered duck...I'm going to have to do the eyes over again, the color seems to have bled a little. I don't have much experience with figures, but I don't think he's half bad![/img]

leah_s Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
leah_s Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:31am
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@ cheriej The times I've used a Blodgett convection with the double doors, you still just need one hand to open them, as both doors open together. In other words, you can't open just one door as they move as a unit. But it has been years since I used one. it seems to be pretty common with commercial ovens, though.

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cheatize Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:33am
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sdrb84: somewhere on the 'net is a series of step-by-step pictures for either an alligator or crocodile cake. I thought I bookmarked it, but I cannot find it at the moment.

I had great intentions today of baking the cakes for a cake due on Tuesday. My son and I just got home late last night from a week long road trip and I've got mini-van lag. I got half the stuff put away last night and I'm working on load 4 of the laundry. I attended a memorial service for my father-on-law this morning, went clothes shopping with my daughter this afternoon, and then made a big dinner including dessert tonight. I am whooped but feel like I'm way behind on everything.

auntbeesbaking Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
auntbeesbaking Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:33am
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Working on 32 dozen graduation cookies for open houses tomorrow and Sunday. Ws originally hoping to get them done tonight since tomorrow we have 2 open houses to go to and it's our 23rd Anniversary but not looking so good. I've been busy since this morning making chocolate chip cookies, making homemade fondant, coloring fondant, making royal icing, cutting out fondant to put on cookes when they come out of the oven. I have yet to make the cookie batter, cut them out, bake them, and then fondant them and decorate them!

HOW do you people do this?? I feel like I'm working as slow as a turtle but honest, I've been busy all day! When I read what you guys accomplish in a weekend, I am put to shame! Wish I could've done something earlier than today but we had to have our sewer replaced which got finished late yesterday.

Oh well, for those who enjoy it, "A Walton's Wedding" is on for the next 2 hours, it'll keep me company!

Happy Decorating my CC friends!

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KJ62798 Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:40am
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Popping in to say "hi" at the end of an exhausting day. My serious-runner friend somehow convinced me to do a 3-mile walk/run through the mountain RV park while we were visiting my parents there. At this point, if I stop moving I will be out cold.

Obviously, no cakes tonight.

Spent the week laying in & organizing the supplies for the BIG cake next Friday. My cousin's dreaded purple wedding cake is due 1 week from today. Going to start baking/freezing over the weekend so I can have Tues-Thurs for the heavy work.

This will be my biggest project ever. Light a few candles & make your offerings to the Cake Goddesses for me.

Happy Caking tonight. I'm off to pass out.


carmijok Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
carmijok Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:43am
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I'm designing my first wedding cake for a friend's daughter. God help me she wants the Mad Hatter look and I've never done that. I've been studying youtube tutorials and so far I'm not feeling really good about it. I know I'll have to practice, but I sure don't want to mess up a bunch of cake. Oh well...better now than at the last minute. At least I have a couple of months. And in the meantime I'll have a baby reveal cake to do, 2 shower cakes and a birthday cake. More than I ever thought I'd be doing!

Gerle Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Gerle Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:46am
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Cheriej...if the new orange dreamsicle cake works out, are you going to share the recipe? I love orange dreamsicle and the one recipe I tried, the cake was so dry I didn't enjoy it. I double checked to make sure I followed the directions correctly and I did, but to me it was just too dry. I plan on trying other recipes to find one that's really good!

And yes, I've been a lurker on this post for a while. I'm usually out of town for the weekends this time of year, but am home this weekend so am "lurking" again! With regards to The Mat...I've purchased one, but haven't tried it out yet. I'm a hobby baker, and haven't been making that many cakes right now. I am anxious to give it a try, though.

leah_s Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
leah_s Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:49am
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@auntbee, I'm tired just reading, "32 dozen cookies . ."

dst10spr97 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
dst10spr97 Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:56am
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Can someone give me the cliff notes of what Friday Night Cake Club entails? Is it just a Friday Night gathering of cakers? I am working on my first sheet cake. Princess and the Frog, for a beautiful little girl who is turning 3 tomorrow.

Rendee Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Rendee Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 4:01am
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I absolutly love the mat and will be putting it to good use tomorrow for a 3 tiere wedding cake I have for Sunday, I have a birthday and anniversary cake for next weekend and my little sisters pre wedding party cake for the weekend after that!!!!

Another question: for all you 1 person decorators out there, what is the normal amounts of cakes you book for one weekend??? I don't feel that I can do more than 2 in a weekend. And if it a wedding cake, it will be the only one I do, I have already had to turn 2 other requests down this weekend and 1 for next.

Why does everyone always wants cakes at the same time????

BlueMoon73 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
BlueMoon73 Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 4:04am
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No cakes for me this weekend but I do have to work at my real job thumbsdown.gif hope every ones cakes come out great!!

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cureVHAandCF Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 4:07am
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I'm working on my first cupcake flower bouquet for my grandmothers birthday. I'm really excited about it I've been wanting to make one for a long time!

GarciaGM Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
GarciaGM Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 4:09am
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I'm doing a repeat of my Ben10 cake and a 6" round to look like my little sister's August wedding cake as a surprise at their wedding shower tomorrow. The most I've done on a Friday night in a while!!

Question for you guys...I picked up the upside-down icing method when the link was posted here a week or so ago. Did my first cake with it last week and loved the results. On tonight's cake though, I'm seeing some moisture droplets form on top of the cake. I probably didn't notice it on last week's cake because the icing was white, but tonight's cake has gray icing. Do you guys ever have this?

And also, do you ever notice a "marbling" effect when you frost a frozen cake with chocolate or some other dark icing? I've had this happen more than once now. Seems like it must be the dark colors.

Everybody have fun tonight!!

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