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camomama5 Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:08pm
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I just started taking pics of my cakes but while I was seriously considering starting a business I had someone call me for a wedding cake (no one I already knew) and now I am getting stage fright. She said her fiance saw my pictures. But I am worried now that I may not be good enough to do it for her, or at least she will think so. Inside I KNOW I could make her a spectacular cake because for cakes I really care about (for other people) I spend hours and hours perfecting it until I AM HAPPY WITH IT. People we know are usually much more forgiving whereas you guys who do this professionally will be able to spot my flaws. I KNOW I NEED MORE PRACTICE but, without being unnecessarily nasty please give it to me straight. Honestly am I crazy for doing a wedding cake for her and around 100 people? Like I said it's no one I know and I would charge maybe $2 to $2.50 /sl buttercream and $3.50/sl fondant. That is over $1 or $2 less per slice less than anyone locally. Thanks so much! I don't know how to put pics here but if you click on my profile you should be able to see all of them. Thank you so much!

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CWR41 Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:15pm
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Have you ever made a tiered cake before?

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camomama5 Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:17pm
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lots of stacked but no tiered...yet. That is something I will be doing in the next few days. So....no.

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platinumlady Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:22pm
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We are our own worst critic Met with the bride & groom she what they are wanting first. After you meet if that is something you can do then go for it. If there is any hesitation on your part be honest & let them know you can't do that design. Wedding cakes are stressful because just like everything else the cake has to be perfect.

Hope that Helps

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jason_kraft Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:23pm
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Before you accept the order you should make sure you are legally allowed to sell cakes made from home. Some states have cottage food laws that allow this, but in other states you will need a licensed commercial kitchen. It is also important to have liability insurance to protect yourself.

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CWR41 Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:25pm
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Originally Posted by camomama5

lots of stacked but no tiered...yet. That is something I will be doing in the next few days. So....no.

Stacked construction cakes are/can be tiered:

unless you're referring to double layers stacked, which is just a layer cake or one tier.

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ljslight Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:26pm
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Meet with the bride, show your pictures and let her taste your cake.
Let the bride decide. If you don't think you can do it, than be honest with her.

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TinkerCakes Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:32pm
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I am new to cake decorating, I think I'm doing pretty well at it...due to a little OCD. A friend asked me to make her wedding cake in Nov., I'm debating it....my biggest fear is making it and it falling over! I would not even attempt it without a SPS system. Another thing to think about is, if you are not licensed, will the venue allow you to bring in a cake? I've heard sometimes they won't. ( wasn't sure if you are licensed or not) I always say I will only make cakes for friends and family for now, I'm like you...worried I'm not good enough...I hope that will change for both of us!!! Best of luck to you!!!

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sillywabbitz Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:33pm
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Since you are new to stacking cakes you may want to seriously consider investing in SPS. It is easier to work with than dowels for me. I know it is an extra cost but for the first wedding cake I can not imagine not having the security of a stable structure. You can read more about SPS on Leah_s' sticky

even though there is a little red x on the download, the pdf file dowloads for me no problem. If you can't get it to download PM me and I can send you the instructions.

Also like Jason said, if you are not a legal kitchen some venues will not allow outside food without a commercial kitchen license. It would stink to show up to deliver the cake and they turn you away.

Good luck.

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carmijok Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:37pm
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Stacked cakes are considered tiered cakes. Unless you've done some you haven't posted I only see that you've done layer cakes and you've done really nice work...however if you haven't done tiered cakes then you need to practice. It's really not all that hard, and there's tons of tutorials on here and Youtube to help you.
First you need to meet with the client and find out what she's wanting and decide if you have the skills and/or time to do what she wants. Know your limitations but don't get hung up on them. If it's something you know in your heart you can do but just haven't, and you have the time to practice, then do it. Don't tell them you've never done a wedding cake before--no reason for them to question their choice-- but be honest if it's something totally beyond your skill set at the moment. And practice, practice, practice!
You do nice work and obviously have a love for doing this. Good luck!

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metria Posted 4 May 2011 , 3:53pm
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i honestly think if you don't feel ready and are not completely confident to do a wedding cake, then don't do it. a charged wedding cake for a complete stranger is not a healthy way to test your skills.

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VanillaCoke Posted 4 May 2011 , 4:07pm
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It would be like going from running a mile a day to doing a half marathon one weekend. I did wedding cakes, for friends, for free, for 8 YEARS before I started my business. It's one thing when it's someone you know and they aren't real picky. It's a totally different ballgame when someone just handed you a big chunk of money and has VERY high expectations! I think you definitely COULD do it, but you might wish you hadn't icon_smile.gif

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genevieveyum Posted 4 May 2011 , 4:30pm
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I think having your first multi-tiered wedding cake be for paying strangers would be nerve-wracking. Do they know that you've never done this before?

Don't get mad at me for suggesting this, I usually try to stay away from cc controversy, but do you think that they asked you because they know you're inexperienced and were counting on you undercutting other bakers in your area? They may be setting you up to fail and then get a free cake out of the deal.

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debbief Posted 4 May 2011 , 4:36pm
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I would have to honestly say, if it's for a stranger and you've never done a tiered cake before, I would decline. Unless you have several months to prepare and practice. When is the wedding?

I'm a hobby baker and I was asked by my niece to make her wedding cake for 150 ppl. I'm extremely nervous because I've never made a wedding cake or any cake this size before. The wedding isn't until Oct. and I've known about it for several months already. So I've been planning and practicing and researching and stressing. It will be a gift to the couple (the venue has ok'd it), but that doesn't make me feel like it should be anything less than perfect. The last thing the bride should have to do is stress about the cake.

All I'm saying is, if this is a wedding cake, and for a stranger no less...for money, you really want to make sure you have the skills to pull it off. Are the cakes in your gallery all you have made, or have you done others that you haven't posted?

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camomama5 Posted 4 May 2011 , 4:37pm
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interesting thought.

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