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agouti Posted 2 Apr 2011 , 5:28pm
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One coworker asked me to bake a cake for another coworker's birthday. She offered to pay me and I estimated the supplies to cost no more than $35. The cake she wants is a sunflower design - 6in. cake in center with cupcakes forming the petals and cake stem. The design she showed me from Martha Stewart magazine said to use 75 mini cupcakes. The whole thing serves 25. My coworker said she only needs 19 cupcakes, not 75. She seemed uncomfortable with $35. When I explained about the servings, and my opinon that cutting out 56 cupcakes will alter the look she wanted, she hesitantly said that $35 would be okay since it was a special milestone birthday. Looking back on our conversation, I'm starting to second guess myself. Should I cut out the 56 cupcakes and estimate a new price? I'm sure this is a stupid question, but any advice would be appreciated.

the link below shows the cake she wants (it uses a real stem and she wants cake though)

Thank you!

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Kiddiekakes Posted 2 Apr 2011 , 5:37pm
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I'm sorry but I wouldn't touch a cake like this for $35.00..I don't even turn my oven on for more than a $40.00 minimum order...The idea is that most people will eat 2 or 3 mini cupcakes for one serving...

6 inch cake I charge is $25.00 and up depending on design..Mini cupcakes are $1.25 each...

$25.00 x 75 mini's at $1.25=$118.75...you are giving it away at $35.00...Sorry wouldn't do it...JMO...

Does the customer realize that most people will eat more than one mini cupcake? So 19 will not be enough....that is why there is 75 in the original picture...It also won't look the same as the picture either...

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kakeladi Posted 2 Apr 2011 , 5:50pm
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Another case of customer with champagne tastes on a beer budget!
She wants, she wants, she wants BUT.......doesn't want to pay - doesn't have any money!
Sorry I can't feel sorry for you. Grow a backbone and tell her it's 'this way' or not.
Cut down on the # of cupcakes used - make the whole thing smaller.
JUST the cuppies alone are worth MORE than $35.

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Kitagrl Posted 2 Apr 2011 , 6:01pm
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She's hesitant about spending $35 on a "milestone" birthday?!?!?!


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JohnnyCakes1966 Posted 2 Apr 2011 , 6:31pm
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Don't even get me started about customers who want a design to feed 100, but then say they'll only have 50 guests and expect the cost to drop. I don't care how many servings you need...if you want THAT design, you have to pay for it. This very thing caused me to change the way I price my cakes a while back. I was pricing per serving and a customer argued with me that, although she wanted a 3-tier wedding cake, she only needed 20 servings and refused to pay for more. I told her I'd do a 6/4 and put a cupcake on top! She threatened to sue me because of "false advertising." I sent her out the door without a cake! Now, I have a base price PER TIER SIZE, with a description of how many people that tier will serve.

Well, I guess I got started! icon_lol.gif As for your co-worker...

She's getting a 6" cake PLUS all those cupcakes and she's complaining about $35!!?? I'd tell her to take a hike!

However, if you still want to do it, maybe make the center with a large cupcake instead of a 6", and the petals/stem with minis. That way, you wouldn't need 75 minis...although you would still need more than 19. (Who thinks they can order just 19 cupcakes??) But even with that, I'd charge way more than $35! It's a PITA to fill all those mini cups! thumbsdown.gif

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ChilliPepper Posted 2 Apr 2011 , 7:11pm
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Hunny find the strength to tell her to get lost! All that work for only $35. She's having a laugh at your expense and thinks she can get away with it because you are 'coworkers'!!!!

CP x

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cownsj Posted 2 Apr 2011 , 9:17pm
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It sounds like you are willing to do the cake at cost because it's for a co-worker of yours as well. If you decide to go ahead with making this cake, I'd be sure you get the money upfront because I'll bet anything she won't pay you after you bring the cake in. And then she'll try to make YOU look like the bad guy in all this. Even at that, she sounds like she'll make you look bad at work regardless. You might want to suggest to her that she go to Walmart and get it how she wants it and work with their pricing, for their quality. And if you tell her, make sure to point out that you were just charging her for your ingredients, not the cost of your oven, or cleanup, or your time...... those were your contribution to the birthday girl; and you were giving more value than she is. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. (Plus, she'll really look cheap if she does the cake with less cupcakes, and you'll get the blame for that too when she shows everyone the picture of what it was "supposed" to look like)

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dukeswalker Posted 2 Apr 2011 , 9:59pm
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1st...if you did use only 19 mini cupcakes you would NOT have enough to make a sunflower/stem...no way.

2nd - 75 mini cupcakes for $35 is a screaming "friend deal". If she agreed to the price, don't even look back. Its a little late to up the price but NO WAY should you drop it. $35. is. a. screamin'. deal. Even if you're not licensed. Even if she's your boss. Even if you work with her every day. Even (insert any other excuse).

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jessyummycakes Posted 3 Apr 2011 , 9:30am
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Yep, tell her to get a quote elsewhere and see how far her $35 gets her.

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indydebi Posted 3 Apr 2011 , 4:29pm
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Give her the list and make HER run all over town to buy the ingredients. Make sure you indicate "no substitution!" and list brand names that you'll need. If she has to run all over town to 3 different stores, then you look at her all confused and say, "But ....that's what I'D have to do to make this ultra cheap cake for you!" icon_confused.gif Only need 7 eggs? gosh, she has to buy the whole dozen (that's what YOU'D have to do!). Only need 17 paper towels? Gosh, she has to buy the whole roll! (that's what YOU'D have to do!). Small bottle of dishsoap (gosh, she doesn't expect you to take soap out of your personal supply to wash all the equipment to make HER cake does she?)

5 eggs left over and she wants them back. No problem. Save 'em and give 'em to her. But she's no friend at all if she won't even leave you 5 lousy eggs as payment for yoru time, talent and labor.

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agouti Posted 3 Apr 2011 , 5:03pm
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thank you everyone for all the responses. i'm glad to be affirmed in my decision not to go with her 19 cupcake plan. you've given me a lot to think about for possible future cake orders.

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Ursula40 Posted 4 Apr 2011 , 3:58am
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Uhmmm, that cake comes with complete instructions, why does your coworker not bake it herself? That cake will be a load of work and I personally would not do it for 35 $. You will spend hours in the kitchen, you will need the minicupcake liners and all that jazz as well, it's not just the baking and decorating but all the washing up and cleaning as well. Once she has made the cake, she will realise, that it is laughable, that she is balking at the 35$ price

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