Rude Caterers, Plates, Forks And Cake Cutting

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cakelady2266 Posted 12 Jan 2011 , 6:43pm
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Now I\\'m just simply ticked. This comes on the heels of a bride I had booked, who called me at the advice of the caterer and wanted to know if I did the cake cutting and supplying of the cake plates and forks. She had been told by the caterer that it was most certainly my job to provide this service and it should be included in the price I charged her. I told her I could supply her with someone to cut the cake at an additional cost. As for the plates or forks, I informed her I didn\\'t supply those because they should match the rest of the tableware.

This caterer has a reputation as a jerk, and I have encountered him on other occasions. He makes a big production of waving his hands around and announcing loudly that his staff must now go out and purchase plates for the cake table. Then he comes out with the ugliest paper plates that can be purchased.

Now my question is...I\\'m I being unreasonable? Does anyone else supply plates and forks? Do any of you stay and cut the cake or supply someone to do that? Do you charge? And I also don\\'t appreciate a venue (hotel or restaurant) charging $2.00 PER SERVING to cut cake. One place (a country club) actually tried to charge for cake storage and moving. Storing and moving to where I ask? I told them to keep their hands off the cake after I set it up.

I may have multiple weddings to do on a Saturday or Sunday so I deliver and set up the cake and leave. If cake decorators are expected to supply someone to cut the cake, plates, forks I\\'m going to have to double the price.

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Kitagrl Posted 12 Jan 2011 , 7:04pm
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Wow, yuck!!!!

I've heard of caterers charging extra money to cut and serve the cake but often that's to discourage brides from getting their own cake when the caterer wants to provide it. (I hate that but oh well, that's their own decision). However the caterer should be the one to provide DESSERT plates (its part of the meal) and should slice the cake unless previously arranged by the bride and caker.

I just met an egotistical caterer the other day when I delivered a Bat Mitzvah...they had set up a small round table with a very puffy, decorative cloth. However I was supposed to set up cupcakes for the candlelighting ceremony around the cake...but the cupcakes were not standing up on the ripples and gathers of the fabric. The caterer was like "I didn't put that on are the professional....make it happen."

Whatever. I put the cupcakes on the very edge of the cake board and let them figure out the rest.

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artscallion Posted 12 Jan 2011 , 7:13pm
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The caterer's wrong. It is not at all typical for the cake supplier to supply plates, forks, etc. Some may offer cutting service for a fee. But I've never heard of the baker supplying the china and silver. Bottom line is no matter who the caterer thinks should supply the plates, it's really up to the bride to arrange for someone to supply the plates. Most caterers, knowing it's a wedding, will offer the service, at a fee, when making the catering arrangements. If they don't, it would behoove the bride to make sure they are somehow arranged for.

- If the venue or caterer charges a cutting/plating fee this is also between the venue and the bride. This does not "come with" the cake. It's also not that uncommon. Some venues use this as a disincentive to the bride for going outside for the cake if the venue wants to sell their own cake. You see it all the time in restaurants. If you bring your own birthday cake for an after dinner celebration, they charge a $2 per head plating fee. Same with wine, bring your own and they'll charge you a corking fee.

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cakelady2266 Posted 12 Jan 2011 , 8:12pm
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A good number of caterers don't provide the cakes for events. But I have found that some caterers have certain cake people they refer business to and that's cool. But I don't see the point in acting like I'm something they stepped in and couldn't get off their shoe because I'm not their golden referral. It's the brides choice in who she uses . I see no point in any vendor going all vendorzilla.

I don't like an excessive cake cutting fee charged by venues who don't even do cakes. That seems like making money off someone else product. I delivered to on venue that didn't provide toilet paper, paper towels for the restroom, or a broom.

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cakesbycathy Posted 13 Jan 2011 , 12:04am
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Ok first it sounds like the caterer is an a$$.

Second, I actually have it in my contract that the only thing I provide is the CAKE. It is the client's responsibility to have the table already decorated and to provide forks, plates and napkins.
Most people are surprised it's in there since it never occurs to them that I would bring them in the first place.

I also don't stay to cut the cake unless they want to pay me $25 an hour for at least a 4 hour minimum. $35 an hour if I need to get a babysitter.

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redpanda Posted 13 Jan 2011 , 4:51am
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I can understand a venue having a cake cutting fee, if they are providing the plates and forks and their staff is cutting and serving the cake and washing the associated tableware.

The way I look at it, if you had painters come to your house, and you decided you wanted the doors and shutters painted with a special paint, which you decide to purchase yourself and provide to the painter (instead of the brand they always use), you would still expect to pay for their time and supplies if you want them to paint the doors and shutters.

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