Cover A Cake With Modeling Chocolate

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candicemarie Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 4:46am
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so ive found that kids dont like fondant...and im not to good at smothing my buttercream, i was thinkig of wraping my cakes in modeling chocolate, does any one dothis? any tips i shold know? any good recipes for modeling choc?

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playingwithsugar Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 4:52am
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That's what one of the bakers on tonight's episode of Fabulous Cakes does. There are recipes for it in the recipe section.

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candicemarie Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 4:54am
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ya i didnt no if those recipes were just good for figures or wrapping a cake. plus i dont no if i use fondant smoothers or apply it just likefondant. and i saw that always wondered abou it then i saw that so i want to do it..was just looking for tips.

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AnaB4 Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 5:21am
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Modeling chocolate alone doesn't stretch very well so you might get a lot of ripping, but I have seen it done in videos. This weekend I mixed Rhonda's MMF with white modeling chocolate (50/50) and it was delicious!! Maybe give that a try and see if it tastes better to you?

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metria Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 5:32am
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i watched Mike McCarey do it at a cake show. since modeling chocolate doesn't stretch like fondant, you do it in pieces. cut a long strip that will cover the sides and another piece to cover the top. smooth out all the seams by rubbing your finger along them.

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icer101 Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 5:51am
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hi, i am attaching a link that you will see a white chocolate covered cake with chocolate roses. Her useername on this site is steady2hands. p/m her and ask her how she did this beautiful cake. I did. and she replied. Also there is another c/cer username is Anasasi. p/m her also and she is really nice to help you understand how to cover a cake with modeling chocolate. hth

here another one...

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LindaF144a Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 1:03pm
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Last night one of the bakers used this technique on Fabulous Cakes, like the previous OP said. And like another previous OP said, it has no stretch. She did not cover the top, but put the chocolate down on the table and then rolled the cake around it. Easy to do with a 6" like she had, but anything larger and you would be cursing like a drunken sailor!

In fact I have yet to see a cake over 6" covered in modeling chocolate, but I don't go looking for them either.

There is someone that sells a DVD with this technique. But it costs $59.95. Frankly I believe that is about $20-$30 too high. So I have resisted so far. I am still learning caking techniques. I'll need this eventually, but for right now I'll use the money for something else.

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AngelFood4 Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 10:49pm
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I covered some character head cakes recently with modeling chocolate and it was hard. Don't cover a chilled cake, the chocolate hardens super fast and then you won't be able to shape/smooth it out - the cakes needs to be at room temperature.

I just rolled out the modeling chocolate over parchment paper then flipped it over another piece of parchment paper then flipped that over the cake and quickly smoothed it out. It doesn't stretch and the seams are really easy to blend away - the pros and cons of chocolate.

Have you tried MMF? Tastes just like marshmallows and you can flavor/color it with Jello and candy melts. The kids love eating it!

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candicemarie Posted 14 Dec 2010 , 11:59pm
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i havent found any kids who like mmf they think its to chewy

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tlcakes Posted 15 Dec 2010 , 2:54am
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I wrapped a cowboy hat cake for my father. It wasn't too hard. I found that it is very important to make sure your recipe rests for 24 hours. I have rushed it before and have had terrible results. I think that it tastes great. I would wrap everything in chocolate if I could icon_biggrin.gif

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grandmomof1 Posted 15 Dec 2010 , 3:26am
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I was watching Fabulous Cakes on tv last night and one of the bakeries featured used modeling chocolate to cover her cakes.

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icer101 Posted 15 Dec 2010 , 3:29am
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candicemarie, you need to p/m the two people i asked you to and they will be a lot of help. Some people don,t like to take the chance, but they did and covered the wedding cake with modeling chocolate. they didn,t wrap it , they rolled it out and layed it over the cake , just like you do fondant. So please p/m them . They were really nice and p/med me back quickly. hth i have a friend that demos at the ices convention . She only demos chocolate. She covers cakes with chocolate. She uses fine , expensive chocolate. Her clients won,t settle for anything else. Her name is mari stenago, if you go to the conventions, look for her name on the demo lists. She is great.the 2 op that says it doesn,t stretch., maybe they didn,t do what was needed to make it more strechable to roll out and lay over the cake , like fondant. I don,t know. just guessing.

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candicemarie Posted 15 Dec 2010 , 3:35am
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i will def private message them thanks.

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