Being A Cake Decorator Is Bad Because...

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Kitagrl Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 1:01am
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....I can just decide I want dessert, and pull leftover carrot cake out of the freezer, warm it up with leftover cream cheese icing...and gain 2 pounds overnight.


(Make that FIVE pounds because my hubby picked up too many tacos and so I felt obliged to eat extra...UGH...)

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Cakepro Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 1:34am
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You know what's weird? Since I opened a full-service bakery three months ago, I have lost 37 pounds. Being around all those sweets and pastries every single day has really had the opposite effect on me...all I want to eat now is protein. I guess if I had opened a steakhouse, I'd be in BIG trouble! LOL

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Angel_Cake Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 1:45am
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I agree with Cakepro- I used to snack on the cake scraps, but now whenever I do I just get a bad taste in my mouth and want to run to the nearest steakhouse. Isn't that weird!

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ttehan4 Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 1:46am
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I never want to eat cake! I see it and smell it so much that I never have the craving for it. I too have lost weight. I couldnt tell you how much I refuse to get on the But my undies and jeans wont stay up! YEAH!!! Never thought I would be happy to have my pants fall down in

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Kitagrl Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 1:57am
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I can't eat much frosting but for some reason I still love the cake part...I've always loved sweets so I end up craving it eventually.

I have been dieting and have lost weight but I keep going on and off the diet...time for going back ON!

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Rachie204 Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 2:29am
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I like cake! LOL I delivered a cake to a party which I attended yesterday and today I was thinking "Man I should have brought some of that cake home" a junk food lover!

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FullHouse Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 2:14pm
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I know it is gross, but I'm always so worried that everything tastes right and so many flavorings are added to taste that I've taken to tasting cake scraps and fillings then spitting them out into the garbage. Otherwise, one bite of scraps leads to the equivalent of a few slices of cake - I am an all or nothing type of girl.

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Sassy74 Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 2:38pm
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People always ask me how I don't gain 10 pounds a week doing cakes. I tell them the truth...that after baking the cakes, making the icing, making the fondant, icing the cake, yadda yadda yadda, the LAST thing I want to see is CAKE LOL!!

We were at an event last night and they served these beautiful little mini-cupcakes with a soft buttercream, and I didn't touch them...CAKE OVERLOAD, hahaha!

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quilting2011 Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 3:05pm
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I joined weight watchers last year. I use to weigh 200 pounds plus from from having kids, taking baking and cake decorating classes and working full time as an accountant.

I lost the weight from joining weight watchers. I weigh 110 pounds.

I bake now for just family and friends but I don't eat sugar or flour.

After I lost the weight, my diabetes and high blood pressure is gone, I can run 5 K , swim and take spinning classes.

I feel much healther staying away from sugar, and white flour and junk food.

If I bake for friends I use only organic ingredients. No box cake mixes, artifical ingredients etc.

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SpecialtyCakesbyKelli Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 7:04pm
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I've gained about 10 lbs over the past 6 months of doing this full time... and I think it's because I taste test too much.... gotta keep my head out of the icing bowl!

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VNatividad Posted 26 Apr 2010 , 7:35pm
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I get a funny taste in my mouth now too! I have to taste the scraps and a new batch of icing to make sure it tastes good but I end up with a weird taste in my mouth! I have definately gained weight but that could be that I don't get a weird taste with cookies, pizza and other junk I shouldn't eat! I just renewed my gym memership today and will be going today after work!

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