My Wilton Instructor Said..

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LuvLyrics Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 12:14am
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I am taking the wilton class for fondant and she said , it is better to roll the fondant thin to cover the cake..In your experience ..will rolling it thin keep it from cracking? or do you rather thick?


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Kiddiekakes Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 12:22am
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I would rather go thicker than thin but you may get varying opinions.

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11cupcakes Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 12:30am
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It's your choice, some people like it thin, others thick. My instructor said it should be 1/4 inch. I also been to Satin Ice demo where they roll it really thin and it looks good too. You just have to make sure you knead it good before rolling and you should not get cracks.

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sugarandslice Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 12:35am
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Most people don't enjoy eating thick fondant and it's much harder to get very sharp, crisp edges/corners when it's thick.

I go thin: 1/4 inch absolute maximum (I prefer 1/8 inch). If you have a flawless coverage to your cake before you start, then you can use a very thin layer. In my experience it's only possible to get an absolutely flawless finish with ganache rather than buttercream.

I once had an instructor who said to use 2 half-inch layers! YUK!

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pattycakesnj Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 2:11am
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the thinner, the better, jmho

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bobwonderbuns Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 2:14am
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I roll it to about the thickness of two nickels on top of one another -- any thinner and it tears, any thicker and it cracks.

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indydebi Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 2:33am
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The reason I stayed away from fondant for so long is because when I saw the pics of fondant cakes with the thick fondant, I thought they looked like Play-Doh cakes and I wasn't going to put my name on a cake that looked like that.

Once I actually got some fondant and found it can be rolled thin and how much better it looks that way, then I became a convert.

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SpecialtyCakesbyKelli Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 2:44am
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I think it's just your own personal choice. I roll mine pretty thin on some cakes, and thicker on others.... depending on the look I'm going for. I use Satin Ice, and have found that it does pretty good rolled thin, but you have to work fast to keep it from cracking... and sometimes it will rip when rolled thin.

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madgeowens Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 2:49am
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I agree it depends on what you are doing....and also I agree if its too thin it tears easily and if you play too long it dries and cracks...even satin ice will do that....I don't think you want to go back to class and argue though hahha

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LuvLyrics Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 2:54pm
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Thank you ladies !!! I wanted to know everyone's opinion b/c I've only used fondant to cover a cake once, it was really small. I guess practice ..practice !!! Thank you !!!

But I do find that many people likes Satin Ice ..I really think that is a easier fondant to roll than wilton's

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Calgary_Mama Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 3:33pm
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I have only been decorating for a little while, so I am still working on the thickness of my fondant... according to the ruler I usually roll mine about 1/8 in thick perhaps a little more. I really prefer Satin Ice fondant over Wilton (those are the only 2 I've used so far) I found Wilton to be very hard, tore easily when covering and didn't taste good at all. Then my Wilton instructor recommended Satin Ice (lol) its all she uses. I love it.

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TexasSugar Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 3:36pm
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If you roll too thin you risk having your fondant rip or tear on you. I think it also depends on what fondant you use. I can roll Wilton's fondant a little thinner then I can the homemade fondant I have tried because it is softer and rips a little easier.

In my head I think about the thickness of a cake board and kinda go for that thick when I am rolling out my fondant.

I will say that as a WMI, there are some things like this that will be preference. Play around and see what works best for you. Don't take everything your WMI says as if it is written in stone. In my years of cake decorating, I have learned what works for me my not work for someone else and what works for someone else may not work well for me. With most things there isn't just one right way to do things. icon_smile.gif

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tonedna Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 3:43pm
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You dont want it paper thin cause it will crack and tear, but you dont want it too thick either cause the weight will make it crack too.
Edna icon_smile.gif

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surgery2 Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 11:43pm
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I use chocopan instead of fondant. Tastes better but a bit more $$$.

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kakeladi Posted 23 Feb 2010 , 11:56pm
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Exactly what TexasSugar & Edna saidicon_smile.gif
I prefer to go the thickness of a cake board = about 1/4".
As IndyDebi said, I too have seen cakes w/it about 1 or 2" thick - YUCK!

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