Daughter Has Dairy Allergy.... Help!

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cakesbyshell Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 2:42am
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My daughter was just diagnosed with a dairy allergy, the kind that attacks the immune system. She is no longer allowed anything sort of dairy product but I bake mostly from cake mixes which have whey (milk product) in them, and of course, I use milk in my buttercream. The buttercream I can probably use the soymilk that I've started giving her but I'm at a loss for the cake. I've looked at the WASC recipes but they all contain sour cream so I need an alternative. She's 3 and we just found this out and she loves dairy so it's been challenging to say the least. If anyone can help with ideas, I would be ever so greatful!!!

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txsteph Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 2:46am
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I found this for you .. HTH Looks like they have a lot of different dairy free recipes


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chefjess819 Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 2:48am
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is it all dairy or just cow's milk? i was diagnosed with a milk allergy at the age of 3 also. they did a scratch test of 52 items and i was allergic to 49 of them. lucky me. goat's milk has different protiens in it than cows milk does, therefore i was able to drink that. but if it is all dairy, try a non dairy/soy baby formula as a milk substitute. i know it sounds crazy but mix it up as you would in a bottle, and use that instead of your milk. hope this helps!

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msmeg Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 2:54am
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you would have to read the boxes but 10 years ago we found one mix that was dairy free funfettei or vanilla not sure beut even if you find one read the box every time they change products at the drop of the hat.

hint lots of saltines are safe but ritz have milk.try rice milk for the frosting.

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cakesbyshell Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 3:02am
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You guys are great! She isn't allowed any type of dairy. She's starting to get accustomed to the soymilk but she was a big cheese eater and picky to begin with so now she doesn't want to eat anything. I know there are much worse things that could be wrong. We're thankful this is her ailment rather than something worse. She's just still too young to understand why suddenly we can't let her have all her favorite things. The doctor hopes that she'll outgrow it but we won't know until that day comes if ever. My icing was one of her favorite treats and now she can't have it unless I make her a special batch with her soymilk and I'm not sure how it will taste. I'll keep the rice milk in mind though. Please pray for us as we learn to live with this new thing!!

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maisyone2 Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 3:09am
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This last fall/winter my son developed a lactose intolerance. We have found that it isn't the worst of food allergies, but it is still a bit of a challenge. DUNCAN HINES cake mixes are dairy free. So are some of the canned frostings. I make my frosting with margarine (which contains whey), so he is unable to eat it unless I make it with all sweetex. As far as the liquid for my frosting, I have always used water, never milk.

Reading labels has become a habit. I purchase a great tasting buttery tasting spread called Earth Balance. I substitute soy milk wherever I normally would use milk, such as mashed potatoes. I use the Earth Balance in place of the margarine I used in cooking too. My son has also found he likes the veggie cheese, sliced not necessarily the shredded.

So, try not to freak out about it. It's just a new challenge. And one that you can win with reading labels and a little creativity .

OH...and BTW.......RITZ crackers do NOT contain milk/whey/lactose. I just read the label of a box we have in our pantry.....WHEAT and SOY.
Ritz with a bit of peanut butter and jelly on top....YUMMO!!!!


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marag Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 3:10am
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I do not have any dairy allergies, and I'm not a vegan, but one of my favorite cookbooks is Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. All recipes are dairy and egg free. I've tried at least 6 or 7 of them, and they are wonderful. I mostly do cupcakes, but have made the vanilla as a cake with dairy free icing for a friend's son with a milk allergy, and it was great (it's my Mickey Mouse cake in my photos).

I hope this helps!


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leah_s Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 3:12am
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My adult daughter is vegan. For her I use plain soymilk (not vanilla). I really can't taste much difference between plain soymilk and cow's milk. Also if you want to make your own soymilk there's a milk maker (costs about $100) that turns out a quart in less than 20 minutes for about 17 cents a batch. You start with whole soybeans. It's pretty cool.

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MJoycake Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 3:13am
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I've been eating dairy free for several months as my baby couldn't tolerate if I ate any dairy (she nurses). I found some sites like www.godairyfree.org ....if you google "dairy free cake recipes" all sorts of things will come up. Some "normal" recipes will convert just by using soymilk and vegan margarine (watch out for margarine....if it's not labeled vegan it can contain dairy). Some recipes flop when you substitute.

The cake recipe on the back of the Hershey's cocoa can is dairy free if you use soymilk in lieu of the milk and makes a great, moist chocolate cake.

I've also heard that you can substitute coconut milk for milk called for in recipes, but haven't tried that myself yet.

Best of luck...it's a difficult task and you have to pay attention to all labels, but you'll get used to baking dairy free.

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sweet_teeth Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 3:19am
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Originally Posted by cakesbyshell

My icing was one of her favorite treats and now she can't have it unless I make her a special batch with her soymilk and I'm not sure how it will taste. I'll keep the rice milk in mind though. Please pray for us as we learn to live with this new thing!!

My boyfriend is lactose intolerant and so I usually make my frosting w/ 8th continent soymilk and I can't tell the difference between it and the one where I use 2% or vanilla creamer. I now have to labeled it to ensure I don't give him the wrong one.. as it's pretty impossible to taste the difference even if you know one has soy milk and one doesn't.

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Miffy Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 1:40pm
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Sorry to hear about your daughter. I don't know how I would cope if that happened to me. We are a big dairy household.

I just made a cake for a little girl with a dairy allergy. I ended up making a boiled chocolate cake as it only uses water. I subsituted the butter for a product called Nuttelex (vegan spread). Turned out great. Made the icing using the Nuttelex and just added lots of vanilla.

Hope this helps. thumbs_up.gif

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khkakes Posted 7 Jun 2009 , 6:07pm
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Its challenging but you can do it. My son is allergic to dairy and at 3 he tells people no thanks that's not Cooper food. The hardest is going out to eat. Be aware most chicken strips at restuarants have some type of dairy in them.

Here's a link to my favorite chocolate cake:


For icing I use the Wilton recipe made with Silk's very vanilla soy milk and it comes out great. I've never told anyone I make it with soy milk and they haven't noticed.

In the beginning things would catch me off guard that had dairy in them like a lot of soy cheese. The casin in soy cheese is a dairy product so its a no no. Pretty soon you'll be able to spot all of the dairy by products and it will be second nature to you.

There is hope though - most kids do grow out of this one. Cooper has always been allergic to dairy but with total avoidance (and I do mean total) on his 3rd birthday we were told he can now tolerate baked goods or candies with dairy in them. He still won't eat milk chocolate though he says its yucky!

Good luck if you need any help you can feel free to pm me.

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sadsmile Posted 8 Jun 2009 , 5:56pm
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I fid this in my local stores

theses are great!

and gotta have a mac-n-cheese fit too
Bulk Roads End Chreese Sauces
http://www.healthy-eating.com/egg_and_dairy_substitutes.html I make it in my magic bullet with hot soy milk and hot butter spread and it's perfect!


also vitamins and medicines use milk as a binder so those flinstones are a no-no same with chewable vitamin C's they stick milk in everything!


Look for Rhino they are great and my kids love them!

I am even sensitive to beef.

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