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shoremedic Posted 4 Apr 2009 , 3:22pm
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icon_cry.gif i have got tons of questions ... i will start out by saying i am new at this and learning on my on i am very independant and do better that way. so 1st with fondant can i add any color and any flavor and when???.. 2nd can i put icing under the fondant and if so does it need to be any certain kind for example can i use store bought icing or buttercream which ever i choose????.. 3rd cna i decorate on top of fondant and if so do i need to let it sit for a certain period of time before doing so???.. THANKS A TON icon_biggrin.gif

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mrswendel Posted 4 Apr 2009 , 3:30pm
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Welcome to will soon be addicted to the site!
So, I will try to answer some of your questions, but I am sure there are others with lots more experience that will also help out.
Fondant- I don't usually add flavour to mine, so I am not really sure about that. If you are using store bought fondant, just add whatever colour you want and knead it in until it is blended. I would think it would be the same if you made your own....but I don't so someone else is better to reply.
Yes - put icing under the fondant. The only thing I've heard is to not use bettercreme. Buttercream is absolutely fine.
Decorating on top of fondant - you can do anything you want on top of the fondant, buttercream design, more fondant pieces, handpainting etc. and you really don't have to wait a certain amount of time before doing those things.

Good luck and I hope it helps a little bit!

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AverageMom Posted 4 Apr 2009 , 3:31pm
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Hi, and welcome! This is the best place for learning. I'm pretty new, too, and I've found tons of help here!
Fondant: The best color to add is a paste or gel. The liquid food colour can be too much liquid, and it takes a lot to get an intense colour. I haven't added flavour yet, but I've heard it can be done easily. I add my colour when I'm kneading the fondant, after it's been mixed very well. Let it sit (covered in plastic wrap) for some time after you add the colour. I make mine the day before, but I'm not very patient and I've also added colour right as I'm rolling it out to put on the cake. Add a little at a time, since it looks like you haven't added any, and then it gets really dark.
Yes, you can put icing under the fondant. In fact, you should, to smooth out the cake. I've used both store bought and homemade butter cream. I decorate on top of the fondant right away, don't know if that is right or wrong!

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shoremedic Posted 4 Apr 2009 , 3:44pm
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thanks peeps... i have already become addicted icon_surprised.gificon_lol.gif and it has been a big help

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kakeladi Posted 4 Apr 2009 , 3:58pm
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Yes, you do need some icing under fondant. Many choose buttercream applying it the same as if no fondant is added. Yes you can use store bought (canned) or homemade. Some choose to use something like apricot jam (warmed & strained). Actually any flavor jam can be used but for some reason it usually states apricoticon_smile.gif
Color and flavoring are kneaded in as you are warming up the fondant just before rolling it out.

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tinygoose Posted 4 Apr 2009 , 3:59pm
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One thing I've noticed (and done) was to use Wilton fondant when I was new. I would suggest staying away from Wilton fondant. The stuff tastes bad, goes bad fast, and is a pain to work with. There are many good professional fondants out there. I like Satin Ice, but alot of CC'ers make their own fondant.

As far as color, use gel colors, not liquid. Wilton is ok. Americolor is a good brand, but again there are other good brands too.

I don't flavor my fondant. Satin Ice comes vanilla flavored. You can put the flavor into the cake or buttercream under the fondant.

Remember to work with your fondant quickly to prevent it from drying out, keep it tightly covered when you are not using it. You can use a "little" shortening if it drys out a bit, but if you use too much you will get a greasy looking fondant cake. Fondant shouldn't look greasy.

Another common mistake is that newbies don't knead their fondant enough before putting it on their cake, so it tears. I usually stand on a stool so I can throw my whole body into kneading it- it IS work. If you pull one piece from the ball of fondant and it stretches, that's good. If it tears...keep kneading. If you're strong it shouldn't take that long (around 10 minutes) depends alot on how much fondant, temp., your strength,etc. You need to work quickly. Use cornstarch to prevent it from sticking to your surface.

If I have time I like to let my fondant set up for a bit (an hour I guess) so it firms up before I decorate it.

Most of all have fun, enjoy the process, it's all just cake and sugar.

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solascakes Posted 4 Apr 2009 , 4:13pm
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Wellcome shoremedic I'm sure you'll be fine,as already said knead fondant well,i pop mine in the microwave for 10sec at a time and have to knead for less time,u can add any colour,gel colours are best not liquid.

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paulstonia Posted 4 Apr 2009 , 4:17pm
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If you are making marshmallow fondant you can add the flavoring and food color when it is just marshmallow and water, right after it comes out of the microwave. Then add the powdered sugar. You may need to add a little more later to get the exact color you want, but this saves me a lot on kneading. And if you don't have something under your fondant it won't stick to the cake. Oh, and welcome to CC.

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