Help Price This Cake Pleaasseee!!!

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CakeDiosa Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 7:03am
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Hi everyone! So this is my first post but I am a big time forum lurker... hee hee hee

I made this cake for a friend of mine and now someone wants two of them for their twin's birthday coming up. The cake is 8" 2 layer (torted), BC w/ MMF "ribbons & rope", gumpaste bow and shoes w/ child's name and the year written in the place of "Converse All Star". The duck and candle are store bought.

I have NO idea what cakes go for since I've never bought one but am told cakes like this would be in the $150 range.

Heelllppp CCers...I have to get back to her tomorrow.


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iwantcookies Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 7:18am
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sorry, don't mean to be unhelpful, but that is SUCH a cute cake!! I LUV it!

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butterfly831915 Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 7:20am
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that is really good. I myself would not pay $150 for 8" cake but that is because I would make it myself. I would say $75.00 so it would $150 for both. Just my 2 cents.

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CakeDiosa Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 1:11pm
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2 cents is good....realll goood! Thanks! I would NEVER pay that much for a cake either but the fact that I'm a "do it yourselfer" all the way around makes it hard for me to put a reasonable value on my cakes because I always think about what I would not pay for something I can easily do myself. My friend always has to remind me that not everyone can "do it themselves" which is why the hire out. $75.00 is more in line with what I was thinking too. I'm not trying to get rich here but I don't want to set a standard of underpricing either (yes, lesson learned from the many controversial threads regarding THAT issue.....).

This was one of two cakes made to serve 30 people. This woman needs to feed 60 with her two cakes so I'm thinking I will need to make two 10" cakes.

Thanks for your input everyone.... thank goodness for the expertise, experience and generosity here on CC.

More please, more!


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Kiddiekakes Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 1:14pm
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I would charge at least $75.00 for each cake.Those fondant bows are alot of work!! Hope you ask that for them...

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kakeladi Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 1:21pm
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I have to agree w/the other too. Good luck. Your work is great! icon_smile.gif

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Win Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 1:26pm
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Are your shoes fondant and the duck as well? You did a fantastic job with this cake. If it were me, I'd avoid the flat rate and price per serving. (In the future, everyone will think they get the same thing for the same price.) If you felt uncomfortable at 3.00 per serving, then even at 2.75 per serving you'd be getting $165.00. I know it does not sound like a lot of difference between 150.00 and 165.00, but you have to take into consideration that you put a lot of labor into a cake like that and somehow need to get a little compensation for that aspect.

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indydebi Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 1:28pm
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The market in your area will be a factor, but my regular buttercream-iced with just borders on it is more than $75.

8" round serves 24 .... 10" round serves 38.

8" round at my $3.50/serving for BC = $84.
8" round at my $4.50/serving for fondant = $108.
Plus the charge for the bow.
Plus the charge for the figures.

$125-$150 for all of that work on an 8" round is not out of line.

If they want the bells and whistles, they pay for the bells and whistles.

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alvarezmom Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 1:29pm
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I second that. Very nice cakes. $75 for each seems about right...I might go with $60 ea but that's just me.

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Postal_Cakemaker Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 1:31pm
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Over $100 each easy!! Look at the time you put into these beautiful cakes!!!

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twogirlsandacake Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 1:44pm
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Personally, I agree with the 150 price mark PER cake. That is a lot of fondant work with the cakes etc. Thats a lot of colors of fondant to make, to mold, and put together. If you did charge $75 each, you would be making less than minimum wage after cost of supplies!

For me a cake like that has a base charge, regardless of size due to all the fondant work. Esp since that cake has 4 types of icing you have to make!!!


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ladybug76 Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 2:08pm
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I am TERRIBLE with pricing, I think in part since I am a 'do-it-yourselfer' and can't imagine paying x-amount of money for things I can make... but the truth is, not everyone can do what you do, so they are willing to pay. Case in point, I just paid a plumber $400 to unclog my drain, which only took him 5 minutes but we tried and tried ourselves and needed the help --- and I was grateful to have my sink back regardless of the cost!! Think of it that way!!! If you wouldn't feel comfortable in starting at the higher end to charge, find a happy medium ---- around $115-120 each and increase pricing as you feel comfortable.
~ Jaime

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foxymomma521 Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 2:40pm
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price it per sreving, and add a charge per item... I charge $10 for the shoes, and $15 for the bow, and I KNOW that's too low... but it works for me icon_smile.gif

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CakeDiosa Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 4:05pm
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Wow!! Thank you all sooooo much!!!! It is interesting the varying price ranges, isnt' it? I checked the website of a local decorator here and her cakes START at $7.50 a slice!!! She's a decorator to the stars I guess and honestly her cakes pale in comparison to what I have seen here on CC.

I certainly like the higher end quotes.... I guess it's just a matter of realizing (as a newbie) that my talent is worth asking that much for and...just like the plumber and the sink....people will pay for it. Hold on.... I have to wipe this milk from behind my ears..... and this dang green thumb is making a mess of my keyboard! Such a newbie!!!!!

Thank you Indydeb for your price chart. That really helps give me an idea of where to start.

You guys are all ROCKSTARS in my book! And the value of your "slices of knowledge" are priceless!!!

Thank you all sooooo much! much! much!!!

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superstar Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 10:59pm
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I'm with Debi, her prices are realistic.

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solascakes Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 11:06pm
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I think you also need to charge what you are comfortable with so maybe somewhere in between all those prices you've been given.I also ask my you want a lot of cake or you want a fantastic design or can you afford both,so they know they have a choice.

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tinygoose Posted 2 Apr 2009 , 11:26pm
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I know a place here that charges $25.00 for the shoes, and they are not nearly as cute as yours. I think $150 would be the starting price, but really I think it's worth more like $250-300. (that's just for the one in the pic, I'm not including the other cakes she wants) Good luck.

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