"i'm On A Budget" Whatever!!!!

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cathyscakes Posted 20 Oct 2010 , 5:54pm
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I understand the expample of using a cake serving at a restaurant as an example of paying 4.50 a slice in a restaurant and not willing to pay that amount for a wedding cake. If a restaurant brought a a slice of cake the size of a wedding cake slice, people would complain also.The serving size is probably 3 times the size of a wedding cake serving. I know alot more goes into making a wedding cake, and I think its worth every penny you get, its a ton of work, just using this as an example, people do notice how small a wedding slice actually is.

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emms73 Posted 20 Oct 2010 , 6:56pm
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i have one it was for s-i-s daughter said they couldnt afford cake for sweet 16 so asked if i could do it ok well when i delivered 3 teir cake they have another cake there and tell me that i should eat because she spent over $80 on food but nothing to cover the price for my time but that they had spent so much money for everthing else i tell dh that if they ever want another cake they will pay up front first or get no more cake haven't heard from them since even if you try to be nice it can be your down fall in this cake world of ours

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amygortoncakes Posted 20 Oct 2010 , 7:26pm
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I pretty much stick to birthday cakes, but every single inquiry people tell their sob story of how they are on a budget.

With weddings you have to have a cake, but with a 1year olds party you can easily make something yourself.

So when people claim they are on a budget...

I just want to scream " If you are on a budget, why the f&*^ are you ordering a custom birthday cake for a ONE YEAR OLD?"

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Franluvsfrosting Posted 20 Oct 2010 , 8:29pm
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I had a wedding cake last fall for a family member who was already getting a discount. She tried the "let's go cheap and I'll buy some sheet cakes from somewhere else for the rest of them" line. I asked her, "So how are you going to decide who gets to eat the cheap, crappy cake then?" (Complete with Indydebi's confused blond look.)

She stared at me for a moment with her mouth agape, finally snapped it shut, said "point taken" and paid for me to make all of the cake. Thank you Indydebi for your classic lines! You should write a book. icon_biggrin.gif

ETA: Of course I wouldn't be able to pay full price for the book since I'm on a budget.... icon_rolleyes.gif

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DinasSugarShack Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 12:04am
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I had a girl order a cake for her husband's birthday. She wanted a 3Dcake in the shape of a hookah. I gave her a price and ofcourse she tried to hagle me. She actually gave me a sob story about how much the party was costing her, between the restaurant and the IPad she was buying him. Seriously, then why is the cake the only thing you want to cut down on?
Then she said she was looking around for other quotes (as if she was going to find someone to make that cake for her), so I said to her go ahead and that I am confident in my pricing and that I am willing to work with her budget but she would have to forgo the 3D cake.
Finally, she agreed to my price. I told her that it takes a lot of time. but honestly I should not have to justify anything to her.
Anyway, just wanted to vent .

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AmysCakesNCandies Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 12:39am
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OMG if I get another bride say they want a wedding cake for 100 guests under $200 I might throw something at them. Its like they think if they say "I'm on a tight budget" that the price will just magically lower!! I really just want to scream at them "We are all on a budget, get over yourself!!"

Anyway, I think people really don't realize the work that goes into some of theese cakes. I had a friend who wanted a carved woody (Toy Story) cake for her son's birthday. I VERY Generously priced the cake at $95 for her (any "regular" customer would have paid closer to $200) She was offended that I would charge her so much even after I told her I was likely looking at 4-5 hrs of work . She didn't want to spend more than $50, I pretty much told her that wouldn't even cover my cost to make it and she should go to Walmart to get a sheet cake.

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artscallion Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 1:04am
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When people tell me they're "on a budget." I feign surprise and say, "Oh! You're asking me to recommend someone? I was thinking you were here to order from me! How funny!"

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juleebug Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 1:41am
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Someone approached my husband a few weeks ago asking for a "donation" for a homecoming celebration . She told him, "Maybe your wife could make some cakes for us so we don't have to buy any." He told her no.

They then drove over 30 miles away to PURCHASE the cakes from another decorator!

Foxtrot? icon_confused.gif

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vtcake Posted 21 Oct 2010 , 2:12pm
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AmysCakesNCandies, you would have to charge 200 for a Woody cake to help pay for the fine of infringing copyrights!

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