Looking For Advice To Improve My Work

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LisaR64 Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 10:57am
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I'm a hobby decorator and I've been decorating for a little over a year. I can definitely see progressive improvement in my work, but I aspire to decorate as well as some of the greats on CC.

It's difficult to critique one's own work, and I would greatly appreciate advice and criticisms on my gallery picture from fellow CC'ers. I would like to know what you feel are my strengths, but even more so, my weaknesses, so I know where to focus future efforts.

Please judge my work with the same critical eye you would judge your own, and please be 100% honest with your criticism, because I really am looking for ways to improve my work. Thank you for taking the time to look, and any advise you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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Malakin Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 12:42pm
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I glanced at quite a few of your pics this morning. For only 1 year and to be only a hobby decorator you have a lot to be proud of.
I'm no expert. I've only had art training and have judged art shows but I can tell you that your chocolate work is a great strength for you. You have an uncanny ability with your colors, and artistic interpretation and creativity is a strong point for you. You also score points for different mediums, fondant, bc, figures, etc. Now, on the other hand, (and I only say this from seeing others perfect work here, definitely not my own work!!!), your BC could be smoother and your fondant could be smoothed out a little better to get that perfected look you are seeking. From experience, I also know it's extremely hard, nearly impossible, to get the cake layers level to look exactly perfect. I can't do that. YET!!!
What helped me the most honestly was Sugarshack's DVD's. Especially her technique with BC, Fondant, and Stacking. If you don't have them, they are a great investment for that final uummmpfhh you're looking for. If you do have them, do like I do, watch the re-runs! Repeatedly!

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debydll Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 12:58pm
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Lisa, your works are simple beautiful!(I specially love the purse & shous)
I wish to became a cake decorate and design like you are.
Merry christmas and happy new year !! (sorry about my english icon_redface.gif )

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mellormom Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 1:03pm
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Love your sugar bottle work!
You have the same issues as me. The buttercream under the fondant bulges. I know that if you butter cream it the day before then it is supossed to settle and then you can scrap off what bulged out. But for me that would take planning ahead and who thinks of that! LOL You also do very nice chocolate work! Can you make one for me sometime? LOL You do buttercream way better than me also. (not good at buttercream here LOL)
Just keep practicing and you will get way better!

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liapsim Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 1:24pm
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I think your work is great for only doing this for a year. I've seen some that have been doing it for 3-4 years and I think some of your work looks better than theirs.

You're bottles look amazing and I love the shoes/purse cake. It seems that you play a lot of attention to detail....which is important.

Good luck!

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Susie53 Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 1:41pm
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Lisa, I love all of your cakes...they are beautiful!

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kakeladi Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 6:20pm
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You are well on your way to a great career in this art. Practice, practice, practice and it will become easier. As has been mentioned your b'cream work does need a bit of improve and I ditto what's been said about Sharon's SugarEd DVDs. JenniferMI also has a good one on gp flowers.
No one can stress enough that practice makes perfecticon_smile.gif And so does reading and studying everything you can get your hands on.

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LisaR64 Posted 22 Dec 2008 , 10:12pm
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Thank you everyone for your advice. I was thinking of buying Sugarshack's DVD's, but wasn't sure which to start with. I think I'll begin with the buttercream DVD, since that seems to be the area where I need the most work. Thank you again for taking the time to look through my gallery, and I appreciate all of the compliments and critiques.

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jammjenks Posted 23 Dec 2008 , 12:30am
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I looked through almost all of your photos and found very little to be critical of. Fondant modelling is also a strong point for you. Those Pooh figures are great! I ditto what the others said about smoothing out the fondant and bc. I like the Melvira method.

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tarheelgirl Posted 23 Dec 2008 , 12:46am
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I think they look great!! Keep up the good work thumbs_up.gif

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JGMB Posted 23 Dec 2008 , 12:54am
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Wow, I was just blown away when I read that you've only been doing this a year. I've been practicing since August, and my stuff looks like a 2nd grader did it!! I love the violin cake, and the chocolate-wrapped cakes are amazing. I honestly couldn't find fault with your creations at all. I'd pay big money for any one of them!!!!

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Kitagrl Posted 23 Dec 2008 , 1:02am
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I wish my cakes looked like yours at one year!!!! I've been going on about 10 years now.... not all steady cake work but that's when I started. Your work is fabulous. I can only see that a little more practice will have your buttercream and fondant smoother, but I can use work on that myself! Just keep decorating and it will come. Way to go!!!

LisaR64 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
LisaR64 Posted 23 Dec 2008 , 1:36am
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Thanks everyone! Aside from the Sugarshack & JenniferMI DVD's (which I am planning to get), can anyone suggestion any other good sources I should tap into to perfect my buttercream techniques?

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